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Birth Of A Martyr And Symbol For The Right

Reported by Deborah - March 31, 2005

Twelve hours after Terri Schiavo's death, Hannity aired a special edition of H&C from outside her Florida hospice where he has been for the past nine days.The huge crowd of protesters are still crowding the Woodside Hospice grounds despite the fact that Terri Schiavo is no longer there and the messages on their signs have changed from wishes and prayers for Terri to messages of anger and hatred. Sad strumming guitar music replaced the usual H&C theme music and photos of a vibrant and healthy Terri Schiavo replaced the photo we have seen over and over of Terry in recent years.

This might have been a chance to bring closure to this family story that has never been our business from the start. Sadly, Hannity and his hate brigade exploited Terry Schiavo tonight instead of honoring her. 3/31/05

Hannity, Father Pavone and Brother O'Donnell opened the show with descriptions of Terri's death mentioning panting and a look of fear in her eyes. Hannity returned to this subject three times in this segment alone. Father Pavone said " If the country saw pictures of this..." adding that they checked him for a camera before he was allowed in to see Terri.

Then Hannity accused Felos of claiming that Terry's death was peaceful which is a big distortion. In truth Felos was referring to Terri's demeanor after the tube was removed. Hannity used this distortion a few times in the show.

Colmes asked Pavone about a statement made by George Felos praising Jesse Jackson for his healing compassion because he came to the Schiavo family in the spirit of healing and reconcilation.

This was an invitation to begin the attack of George Felos, Schiavo lawyer, which lasted throughout the show. Pavone referred to the "death culture" calling Felos a euthanasia advocate making money on the speaker's circuit. He accused Felos without proof of calling Terri a "plant".Hannity ridiculed Felos' book and his statements of spiritual communication with one of his clients.

Hannity: Father, maybe this is my sin. I get angry.
Pavone: We don't get angry enough. I'm talking about Christians..people with morals

Then Randall Terry entered the scene with Fran Castar, friend of Terri who proclaimed that she wanted to "Tell the world what a liar Michael Schiavo really is"

Randall Terry immediatly said that Terri Schiavo's death would bear fresh fruit claiming that the injustices against her would bring political change. "Her death is not in vain" Then Colmes asked him about the mailing lists of Terry Schiavo contributors being sold and Randall Terry lost it.

Terry accused Colmes of "using the Alan Colmes shtick. Drink Red Bull, go to a psychiatrist but calm down," Terry yelled at Colmes.
"George Felos, Terry scowled, is a lying monster with a bizarre agenda."

Then the camera cut to a protester with a sign reading

James Dobson then appeared giving his stamp of authenticity to the campaign claiming that the polls showing the majority of Americans supporting the courts decisions are wrong because the questions are misleading.Then Dobson asked Colmes why he was so anxious to see Terri Schiavo die?

At the end of the Dobson segment the cameras went to another sign in the crowd.

Comment: Hannity's intense concentration on Terry Schiavo's suffering
was deliberate, insensitive and misleading. A witness to my Mother's death,the panting Pavone and Hannity stressed as Terri's unique suffering is a standard symptom during the process. Also the look of peace and serenity described by George Felos is also an earlier part of the death process that I saw on my Mother's face about 2 weeks before her passing. Yet Hannity ridiculed and disputed the earlier claim from Felos about Terri choosing to emphasize only on her pain which she suffered because of the sins of others. The protesters breaking the law to bring her cups during her suffering conjures up some powerful imagery for the masses

Randall Terry was almost feverish tonight while talking about the death " bearing fresh fruit" for political changes. It is hard to know how far this will go and how much damage will be done. One thing is certain. There's more to come.

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