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Brit Humorless

Reported by Nancy - March 30, 2005 -

Last night (3/29) on Special Report, Brit Hume was back to his usual snide self, complete with curled-lip sneering & quizzical eyebrow raising body language. He skipped his one-on-one interview segment -- I'd rather he skip the "All Stars" for about a month.

Leading off the hour, Hume read blurbs about the stories he'd be covering, ending with "Wait'll ya hear what some Democrats are telling people about Social Secutiry."
Comment: What "some Dems" -- & plenty of nonpartisan experts, too -- are telling people is the truth about Bush's SocSecScam.

At 6:02pm (all times ET) Jonathan Hunt reported "on the most critical day of his entire tenure as Secretary-General, Kofi Annan came out swinging" (clip of Annan saying "hell, no"). According to Hunt, Anna says the Volcker report exonerates him but "contrary to Mr Annan's claims" the report "DOES fault the SG" (clip of Volcker saying Annan's oversight was "inadquate"). Hunt said the report contains a "bombshell": that the chief of staff ordered the "destruction of 3 years' worth of files" with the order given one day after Annan approved the Oil-for-Food investigation. Hunt said there is "increasing concern on Capitol Hill over the running of the United Nations" & cites statements from Rep Henry Hyde (GOP) ("knowingly betrayed the very ideals of the UN charter") & Sen Norm Coleman (GOP) ("UN cannot be reformed under Kofi Annan & the SG should resign immediately").
Comment: Don't even get me started on Hunt, or on the Oil-for-Food program. We have a whole category devoted to this -- just click on the link at right to see more background, some reality-based assessments of the program (as opposed to FNC's eternal spin), & links to other sources for additional reality-based info.

6:05pm Wendell Goler reported about Bush's Rose Garden statement today, with 2 clips of Bush & 3 clips of Rumsfeld (e.g., saying "it's politics"). Goler also discussed political events in Iraq.

6:08pm Bret Baier reported on today's messes in Iraq: IED killed an imam at a shrine north of Baghdad, car bomb in Kirkuk killed 1, wounded a dozen. Baier included another clip of Rumsfeld & noted that there is speculation about whether & when the US can "bring troops home." After a question from Hume, Baier added that there was a "milestone" today at Gitmo: all detainee cases have been reviewed, 38 are to be released because there's not enough evidence to hold them; but trials for the others remain on hold.
Comment: Gee, it only took 2.5 years, exhaustive reporting by non-US news sources, diplomatic rows with the home countries of some of the detainees & a series of lawsuits to get to this "milestone". Jarndyce vs Jarndyce, anyone?

6:11pm Hume read some short blurbs: LBush going to Kabul to promote democracy & have dinner with US troops; Lebanese PM says he will step down.
Comment: Laura in Afghanistan? Hoped she packed her chador.

6:14pm Julie Banderas reported about Rev Jesse Jackson visiting TSchiavo (or, as Banderas characterized it, "breathing new hope today" into the Schindler family's fight). Banderas showed a clip of JJackson's statement earlier today, & opined about how the "liberal reverend" is in a "crowd of conservative protesters, ironically both pulling for the same cause." She also showed a clip of RSchindler's statement.
Comment: I love to see FNC on the horns of a dilemma. Should they bash Jesse Jackson? Or continue to promote the Schindlers' agenda? Watch them try to do both!

6:15pm Brian Wilson reported on the Governor's race in VA. Current Gov Mark Warner (Dem) supports current Lieut Gov Tim Kane (Dem). Wilson said Kane is "trying to connect with" GOPs by talking about his religious beliefs but GOPs say his difficulty will be "to portray himself as a centrist," GOP candidate Jerry Kilgore is supported by VA's 2 Senators & is portraying himself as the "candidate of the common man." There's also a wild card in Potts, described by Wilson as a "liberal" GOP. Wilson included a variety of clips; the clip of Kilgore that Wilson chose was of Kilgore saying that "not every Democrat shares the extreme liberal values of John Kerry, Hillary Clinton & Tim Kane."
Comment: The "good" Dems (as defined by Fox) are the ones who get invited on FNC. And their definition of "centrist" is my definition of DINO.

6:19pm Hume read a teaser: "Democrats head into Republican terriroty hoping to stop President Bush's Social Security proposals & hurt Republican candidates."
Comment: So now Bush has SocSec "proposals"? Gee, only last week Hume & his reactionary guests were promoting the idea that Bush hadn't made any specific proposal, he just wanted to "talk" about SocSec.

6:23pm Jim Angle reported on Dem "efforts" to oppose Bush's "plans" for SocSec.
Comment: Not even worth typing up. See above comment re "proposals", ditto that for "plans". News flash for Fox: The "efforts" to help people understand reality worked. You lost. Get over it.

6:26pm Hume reported about Israeli settlers opposed to Gaza withdrawal.
Comment: Credit where credit is due. At least Hume & Special Report occasionally cover what's happening in other (selected, of course) countries. Isn't it interesting that there's no program on FNC devoted to international news?

6:32pm Hume did his Grapevine segment:

*1-a new study by the Randolph "proves" that college faculties are "hotbeds of liberalism" - 72% pf profs say they're liberal, 85% are prochoice, 88% are in favor of more evnironemtal protection
Comment: Just goes to show you, KKKarl Rove was right ("As people do better, they start voting like Republicans -- unless they have too much education & vote Democratic, which proves there can be too much of a good thing.")

*2-CO Supreme Court overturned a death penatly because the jury was reading the Bible during deliberations -- or, as Hume put it with one of his trademark grimaces, they "CONSULTED" the Bible about punishment)
Comment: And if they had been reading the Koran?

*3-TX GOPs (Perry & Hutchinson) fight over who's closer to HClinton
Comment: Who cares?

*4-Portland OR mayor refused to endorse Miss America pageant
Comment: Again, who cares? Hume mentioned this only as a way to bring up the issue of gay marriage.

6:34pm Kathryn Herridge reported on SCOTUS hearing the case against grokster.com, which lets users share files (Hume called grokster a "haven for illegal downloads").

The "All-Stars" ranted & raved, as usual, but that's too obvious to bother summarizing.
Comment: Still waiting for Hume to invite anyone even remotely to the left of Genghis Khan to participate.

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