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Special Ops for Terri Schiavo

Reported by Ellen - March 29, 2005

As Alan Colmes noted last night, some people have gotten so riled up by Terri Schiavo's case that they are willing to drop everything in order to go to Florida, go on hunger strikes, and stand vigil outside the hospice where she lies in a persistent vegetative state. Colmes' guest in the first hour of his radio show last night was a perfect example - former Green Beret Commander Bo Gritz (of Ruby Ridge fame) who flew to Florida in order to serve Michael Schiavo and Judge Greer (who allowed Michael to remove his wife's feeding tube) with a citizen's arrest. When that didn't pan out, Gritz got himself arrested in the hopes he would have a run-in with Michael Schiavo, who works as a nurse at the county jail, and perhaps appear before Judge Greer. According to an email from Gritz to Colmes' producer, Gritz hoped to place Michael Schiavo "in the same condition as Terri."

Gritz tried to back away from that statement on the air, saying that he had never said such a thing. Colmes said he was reading Gritz' own words from an email to the show's producer. Gritz then tried to make a distinction between having written the words and having said them.

Gritz said he flew to Florida because he thought the "executive forces" there "could use another arrow in the quiver." At first, he said, he hoped that if he got to meet Schiavo and Greer, he'd "reason with these people, one-on-one. It's just mental judo." As it turned out, Schiavo wasn't working while Gritz was in the slammer (I was disappointed that nobody said what he did to get himself arrested). And another judge substituted for Judge Greer (I wonder if it was because they knew Gritz planned to "arrest" Greer).

Colmes said that Gritz was making it all sound a lot more benign than he had in the email to the show's producer. In the email, Gritz claimed that he manipulated his blood pressure while in jail in order to require the nurse's attention (Gritz didn't deny that). Colmes said, "You figured if God opened the door, you would place (Schiavo) in the same condition as Terri."

Gritz: I didn't threaten him. As a matter of fact, I think it might have been justice, but it didn't happen. So obviously, it's not God's will. What I said was, those are options... You play those kind of things, Alan, by ear. You never know what's going to happen... All you can do is to try to put yourself in a position where you can do something about it. I've got the tools in order to do things like that.

Comment: Rather than abide by the law, another defender of life "plays it by ear" as to whether or not he should interfere with and harm someone else's.

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