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Fox Style Support For Michael Schiavo

Reported by Deborah - March 29, 2005

There was a huge cast of characters, as always, on H&C tonight supporting the Schindlers including Rick Santorum and Jesse Jackson. Two supporters of Michael Schiavo were scheduled to appear tonight but their time was limited and seemed hand picked to give a specific impression of Schiavo supporters.

Debra Sweet, stated that she has gone head to head with Randall Terri during his violent Operation Rescue demonstrations. She made some valid points but her persona was distinctly liberal and political especially when she connected this situation to the "coup"
in 2000. The other supporter, Sunsara Taylor was extremly articulate but was wearing a t-shirt with a graphic Communist Childrens Brigade This of course was an immediate invitation for Fox viewers to doubt her statements and turn this into a partisan battle, as always. 3/29/05

This was followed, in the next hour, with an interview by Greta Van Susteran with a Miami journalist who talked about Michael Schiavo's lawyer George Felos. He and Greta discussed Felo's statement that he had soul/spoken with a client who was PVS. This journalist claimed that Felos cared more about yoga and meditation at one point than his law career answering Greta's question about how Felos got connected with the right to die philosophy. Although, many including myself,might find these revelations reason to like and respect Felos, most Fox viewers would immediatly feel otherwise.

Greta also interviewed the Pinellas County Sheriff who hired Michael as a nurse for the county jail. Obviously this was an effort to connect Judge Greer, the Sheriff and Michael Schiavo in some sort of conspiracy. However, the revelation that Michael Schiavo is an RN was quite enlightening since it is never mentioned.

There was no discussion of the threats made to Michael Schiavo's Brother and his family because of the hate brigades. Schiavo's sister in law was threatened in front of her home in Philadelphia on Monday. A man drove up and told her if Terry Schiavo dies, he would be back to kill her and her family.This man, unfortunatly, is a perfect example of many of the Schindler supporters but nobody explored that on Fox today.

addendum 3/31/05
I have been informed that the threats to Scott Schiavo's family in Philadelphia were in fact reported briefly by Greta Van Susteran on
3/29/05.I apologize for that mistake but I do still contend that a more pointed discussion of the threats created by this hate campaign should have been better covered by Fox.

In addition yesterday the Fox News website for Hannity and Colmes at 4PM ET advertised an appearance by Scott Schiavo on Hannity and Colmes 3/30/05. He did not appear as advertised but Alan Colmes clearly discussed the Scott Schiavo threat. Colmes also reported a bomb threat to the Hospice by the protesters and the closing of a school in the area because the protesters had created an unsafe and chaotic atmosphere in the neighborhood. Colmes also mentioned how difficult it must be for the other patients in the hospice who need peace and stability.

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