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Hannity's Schiavo Crusade Losing Strength and Credibility

Reported by Deborah - March 28, 2005

The protesters were still outside Terri Schiavo's hospice holding signs; singing hymns and there was even an American Flag, defaced with a question mark, held upside down behind Hannity's head.Their family values were clearly displayed by their children milling around in the dark at 9PM, on a school night.

Hannity opened with Bobby Schindler, Terri's brother and Paul O'Donnell, family spokesperson. O'Donnell, who wears the robe of a Christian Brother, was not introduced tonight as a clergyman which seemed strange but could have been a simple error. This, however, was just the first of many things on tonight's H&C to cast doubt on the Shiavo Crusaders.

On Friday, 3/25, Bobby Schindler told Hannity of his sister's pain and deterioration but tonight he changed his story saying that Terri was fighting to live. Yet, Greta Van Susteran said in her promo which cuts into H&C, that Terri was no longer urinating a signal that death was close.

Paul O'Donnell claimed that on Friday a friend of Terri's, who used to go out with her socially, came to visit. While Sherry (no last name) was reminiscing about the good times they had, Terry raised her arms and tried to dance.

The Schindler attorneys appeared and Barbara Weller again related her story of Terri verbally indicating that she wants to live.
Colmes asked why the Schindlers had testified that Terri was PVS in 2000, mentioning the medical testimony about Terri's liquified cortex, but now claim she is responsive and never was in a vegetative state.

Next guest was Dr. Cyril Wenk, forensic pathologist, who testified that there was no record of any type of trauma or broken bones when Terri Schiavo was admitted after her heart attack.Wenk claimed that the healed fractures were noted in 1993 and probably hospital related. This refutes the Schindler's claim that the broken bones were discovered in the first months after Terri's collapse. Bobby Schindler said 8 months and Suzanne Vitadomo, sister, said 15 weeks.
Cyril Wenk added that the hospital would have used suspicions of abuse and broken bones in their own defense during the malpractice case when the Schindlers and Michael Schiavo claimed negligence concerning Terri's eating disorder. In recent interviews on H&C, the Schindlers denied that Terri had bulimia.

The final issue addressed was the Schindler's complaint that Michael Schiavo wanted a cremation instead of a traditional burial. On this point, it was revealed that a cremation would require that an autopsy be done by law which Michael Schiavo wants in order to clear himself of all the allegations of abuse and to answer the questions about Terri's neurological state. The Schindlers and Hannity have been claiming that Michael Schiavo wanted a cremation to eliminate any evidence of his abuse.

comment: Why have the Schindlers, who obviously adore Terri, allowed themselves to be caught up in this deception? Is it a belief that the ends justify the means? Are all these people who claim that Terri has tried to talk or dance experiencing denial or just lying? Are we expected to believe that a woman with a liquified cerebal cortex and a flat EEG can do all these things? I think it's time for the crusade to end so Terri Schiavo can have her peace.

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