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"Press" Conference Shows US Press Incompetence

Reported by Nancy - March 24, 2005 -

FNL on 3/23 was still jonesing on Schiavo. More interesting (to me) was the Bush/Martin/Fox press conference, which revealed how incompetent the US press really is.

Just one example of the Schiavo coverage:
At 12:01pm Asman showed pix of SCOTUS, & said the parents of TSchiavo are taking it to "the Supremes" & Jeb Bush is "calling for the Florida legislature to get involved." They went to "team coverage" with:
*Phil Keating at the hospice in FL, who talked about protesters taking turns getting arrested while symbolically trying to carry water to Terri, with a clip of a protester ranting [comment: nobody mentioned that all the security required for these protesters is a good example of our tax dollars at work]; Keating's report included a not-so-subtle assertion that "it's his [Michael's] word on what she [Terri] said."
*Megyn Kendall at SCOTUS gave a very clear explanation of the options now open to the Schindlers [comment: at least she, unlike most on FNL, uses "the Schindlers" when referring to Terri's parents], noting that Justice Kennedy is responsible for 11th Circuit courts & would thus decide whether SCOTUS should hear it, but in such a high profile case he might get the whole Court involved in deciding whether to hear the case.
*Greg Burke in Rome reported on the Vatican's reaction to the Schiavo situation [comment: funny, they never give this kind of coverage to the Vatican's opposition to the death penalty, or the Pope's appeals for clemency for criminals sentenced to death].

At 12:22pm FNL went "straight to Waco, TX" where the Bush/Martin/Fox press conf was taking place. Bush spoke for 3 mins, then Fox spoke for 3 mins, then Martin spoke for 5 mins (because, he joked, he had to make his statement in 2 languages). Q&A revealed more about the press than it did about these 3 leaders:
Q1 from a US reporter was about Schiavo
Q2 from a Mexican reported was about Mexico electing a leftist & about border security
Q3 from a Canadian reporter was whether this partnership is a first step toward "continental integration"
Q4 from a US reporter was about North Korea & Rice's Asia tour
Q5 from a Mexican reporter was about the partnership's energy & immigration policies
There should have been a Q6 from a Canadian reporter, but FNL cut away from the actual press conf during the answer to Q5 so Asman could mention how Bush was asked about Schiavo. Asman then interviewed Arnaud de Borchgrave [comment: reactionary ideologue & frequent FNL talking head who is also Director of the Center for Strategic & International Studies; member of Benador Associates, a radical reactionary group that is a source for many FNL guests; & an editor at the "Washington Times"], who barely had time to sneer about the "banalities & cliches" of "these summits" before they were out of time.
Comment: compare & contrast the questions asked at that press conf. What a pathetic performance by the US-based reporters. I know the press never really gets much of a chance to question Bush, but still ... shouldn't that make it even more imperative that they ask about something important & relevant to the circumstances? Sigh...

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