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ALERT! Terri won. Get over it.

Reported by Nancy - March 24, 2005 -

Today (3/24) FNL turned itself into a "Special Edition" with Rick Folbaum & Brigitte Quinn so we could all overdose on Terri Schiavo, complete with incredibly saccharine music, photos from Terri & Michael's wedding, & copious gushing of the phoniest "concern" I've ever had the dubious privilege of seeing.

First they devoted 15+ mins (with no ad break!) to a phone interview withh Bobby Schindler (TSchiavo's brother), with both FNL interviewers being smarmy, oozing "underrstanding" & displaying copious amounts of phony compassion. This gave Schindler plenty of time to whine about & smear Michael Schiavo [comment: interesting, that with all their advice to Michael that he should "move on" & leave Terri to them, this family has refused to "move on" for 15 years].

There were "interviews" [comment: platforms for Quinn, Folbaum & "some" guests to pretend to care] with Charles Lane (covers SCOTUS for the WaPo); Howard Simon (former director, ACLU of FL); Michael Feldman (formerly with the Gore campaign) & Barbara Comstock (formerly with the RNC) [comment: Feldman got approx half the time Comstock did]; Prof Arthur Kaplan (UPenn), Dr Jonathan Moreno (UVA) & Dr Bernadette Healey (former Pres, Amer Red Cross); & Andrew McBridge (former clerk to Justice SDO'Connor).

They showed the statement from Michael Schiavo's attorney, including Q&A.

There were "reports" for Phil Keating in FL, Megyn Kendall at SCOTUS, & Kathryn Herridge at SCOTUS.

Snippets to show FNL's real agenda & general level of stupidity:
Folbaum to Lane: "Are we gonna find out how they [SCOTUS] voted?"
Quinn to Lane: Would it have made "any difference" if it had gone first to a Justice other than Kennedy?
Folbaum, describing Simon: "someone who sides with Michael [Schiavo]"
Folbaum to Simon: "Lotta people want to know why wouldn't Michael let her parents take care of her"
Folbaum to Simon, sneering: "Thanks for your perspective."
Keating: "... complete failure in the appeals process ..." [comment: the appeals process didn't fail; it's the outcome of that process that he doesn't like]
Keating airing his opinion: "devastating turn of events"
Keating alerts the troops: protesters are "gonna mobilize" at Greer's courthouse
Folbaum, yelling over the atrocious music: "Governor Jeb Bush continues to fight to get custody of Terri Schiavo"
Folbaum, bloviating: "... race against time her, sadly ... she might die." What happens if she dies? Does it "just end there?"
Quinn: protesters in FL are "standing strong for Terri Schiavo"
Folbaum, bloviating: "Emotion has been lost in all the courts", the courts are "not looking at human factors"
Quinn to Schindler: do you have any "words of encouragement for all the people out there fighting for Terri?"

NOTE TO READERS: New rule for comments, this post only, because I am so sick of having to report on this so-called "coverage". You can comment ONLY on 1) why the Schindlers should or should not be charged with child abuse (my topic -- I'm not suggesting that was a topic on FNL); or 2) FNL's coverage of Schiavo. Other rules (like no obscenities, no personal attacks, no huge C&Ps, etc -- see below) still apply. Thanks.