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Cavuto: Alan Greenspan's Trying to Kill Consumers

Reported by Melanie - March 23, 2005

We News Hounds know that according to Fox News, George Bush can do no wrong. From my monitoring of Fox's daily "business" show, Your World w/Neil Cavuto, I know that Bush can do no wrong with regard to the economy too. I know Bush is "doing what's right." I know our deficit was caused by Bill Clinton, inflation isn't a concern, a falling dollar stimulates business growth, oil prices could go as high as $80.00 a barrel and cause no harm, and all-in-all the U.S. economy is the envy of the world. I also know that the Fox News spin machine runs into trouble when it has to explain an interest rate hike like the quarter point rate hike ordered yesterday by Alan Greenspan and the Federal Reserve.

During his show today (March 23, 2005), Cavuto offered this explanation of what Greenspan did:

-- "That's what worries me Meredith, that Alan Greenspan is actually trying to kill the economy."

-- "He doesn't like positive. He's a downer guy."

-- "He doesn't like things going well because he fears the run-up in inflation, and outside of some core commodities, I don't see that effect."

-- "Now he's angry at the consumer and he's trying to kill them."

Comment: Alan Greenspan looked the other way while the Republicans ran up the deficit. Greenspan endorsed the Republican tax cuts which benefited the rich. He has been a loyal soldier for the Bush administration yet apparently he's a potential target in the never-ending effort to blame someone, someone but Bush, for the state of our economy. The Bush crowd will eat its own to protect George W.

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