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Hannity's Dubious Medical Experts

Reported by Deborah - March 22, 2005

Tonight on H&C, Dr. Ronald Cranford, neurologist, gave his assessment of Terry Schiavo's condition which conflicted totally with the assessment given last night by Dr. William Hammesfahr, Hannity's guest in Tampa, who claimed that Terry Schiavo is not in a vegetative state. Earlier today, my colleague Ellen, reported that Hammesfahr's claim that he was a Nobel Prize nominee was false and in fact just a letter of recommendation from a Florida Representative.(Check Ellen's post for details) Dr. Ronald Cranford's statements tonight damaged Hammesfahr's credibility again.

Hannity, in Tampa, also interviewed a nurse who claimed she was one of Terri's nurse's in "95" and "96" and she had some very nasty testimony about Michael Schiavo. 3/22/05

Although Colmes didn't bring up the the Nobel Prize distortion,when he introduced Cranford, he did refer to Hammasfahr as someone claiming to be a Nobel nominee. Ronald Cranford stated that he had been involved in Schiavo's evidenciary hearing in 2002 which was the longest in history running 6 days. Cranford claimed that 7 out of 8 physicians agreed with his diagnosis that Terri was in a persistant vegetative state adding that the one who did not agree was William Hammesfahr.Cranford was satisfied that the right course had been taken since Terri Schiavo's EEG was flat.Hannity tried and failed to discredit Cranford but he was no longer mentioning Hammesfahr.

Hannity then introduced his other medical expert, Carla Sauer-Iyer, a nurse who claimed that she heard Michael Schiavo ask,"When is that bitch going to die?" Carla appeared very nervous and was with a woman introduced as a nurse who read Terri's records.

Hannity started to feed her lines saying "He talked about getting rich off of her" Carla didn't take the prompt but did say that Schiavo would take Terri's charts into the room and close the door for 20 minutes and afterwards Terri was quiet. Carla claimed that Terri spoke all the time and hung out at the nurse's station greeting people.

When Colmes asked her questions, she seemed terrified and you could see her companion squeezing her arm to keep her talking. The companion looked stricken and her body language seemed full of apprehension when Carla was confronted with the sworn testimony that she had found a vial of insulin in the room after Michael's visit.
Carla was very jumpy claiming that she had reported it to the police but was terminated the next day and didn't know what happened.

comment: Strange that it took 15 years for this to come out.Where has Carla been and what motivated her to speak out with such damaging accusations? This circus of darkness and hate has marked us forever unless it finally opens people's eyes. We can only hope.

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