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Neil Cavuto re Terri Schiavo: He Sounds Just Like Tom DeLay & Bill Frist

Reported by Melanie - March 21, 2005

Neil Cavuto did an excellent job of advocating on behalf of Tom DeLay, Bill Frist and the Republican congress today (March 21, 2005) in a segment about the Terri Schiavo case on Your World w/Neil Cavuto.

Bruce Fein, a former Deputy Attorney General under Ronald Reagan was Cavuto's guest. Fein said he thought congress was wrong to take the action it took over the weekend because "that empowers it to disturb a state decree after full opportunity for all sides and parties to be heard." Fein said the Schiavo case had already been through the state and federal courts, 23 "final" decisions had been made over the course of 15 years, by 16 judges, all of whom concluded that Schiavo is in a "persistent vegetative state," and that she would want the feed tube removed.

Cavuto's Points:

We Don't Know What Her Wishes Are.

After Fein gave the above summation, Cavuto interrupted: "But, by the way, we don't know that, right?"

Fein said the courts have decided they know what she would want.

We Don't know What her Wishes Are. Michael Schiavo is a Liar. We're Not in Favor of Euthanasia, Like Socialist European Countries. We Chose Life.

Cavuto: "But, Bruce, your point is well legally taken. What's unclear here is whether these were her wishes if she was ever in this state. Now that's a he-said, she-said thing, I know we're gonna get nowhere there, but wouldn't it be wise, in this country to, unlike some of our brethren abroad, particularly in some of the socialist European countries where euthanasia is permitted and indeed endorsed by both the families and the government, to err of the side of life?* If in doubt, keep that person alive unless, as you said, has a written living will or something like that."

Fein responded that when in doubt someone should be kept alive but that was exactly the standard used in this case, "by clear and convincing evidence," based upon what evidence there was, suggesting what this incompetent woman would have desired. Fein said of course errors can be made "but if our court system is to mean anything it means there has to be, at some point, finality." Fein said, "In this case, the conclusion was withdrawing of the hydration and the food is what would have been desired."

She Looks Pretty Good in that Video, She's (Only) "Very Challenged," and She's "Still Responding".

Cavuto: "But Bruce, could I raise with you the fact that this would be a lot easier if she were completely still, not moving, looking almost as if she were dead when she is not? When the images that we've seen show, obviously, a very challenged individual ("very challenged?") but one still responding, still showing some vestiges of life."

Fein said that was already litigated with medical experts. He said he and Cavuto aren't doctors, but "there were independent, neutral persons without an ax to grind in favor of one side or another..."

Schiavo's Injury is No More Significant Than Losing a Limb.

Cavuto interrupted, making the incredible comparison to someone who has lost a limb: "But Bruce, could one fairly say that there are some people in this country who might envision that if they were living with a debilitating disease or, as I just mentioned with our prior legal expert, the loss of limbs, that they'd probably say I don't want to live in that event, yet we discover people with debilitating diseases or those who lose limbs that they do want to continue living and do want a shot at something better? Who's to say that we deprive Ms. Schiavo of that?"

Fein said that "under due process, which was done in this case," the courts decided what Schiavo would have wanted.

Michael Schiavo's a Liar.

Cavuto again: "But, we never got that clear. We got, ah, effectively saying from her husband, at the time, who says she argued that, who when, right after this event never mentioned that. So, I guess we're not clear on that." (Yes, that's what he said.)

Fein said "the courts fully examined and litigated precisely that issue. You can say 'well maybe the courts got it wrong.' That's why we had 23 appeals in the case. Maybe 23 appeals can get it wrong," but at "some point you've got to let due process have its final say." The Supreme Court "has made it quite clear that congress cannot try to second guess the courts on matters that have been finally adjudicated."

Comment: Cavuto is a business news anchor. There is a spot at the end of his show, called "Common Sense," where he editorializes. This segment did not take place within that context. Why is he pushing virtually all the Republican talking points on this case? He's pushing the Republican talking points because he's a shill for the Republicans, not a neutral business news reporter. Let's make it official. Let's change the name of Fox News to the Republican Propaganda Channel and be done with it.

Oh, by the way, Cavuto finally got around to showing the closing numbers on the Dow and the Nasdaq at 4:22 p.m. ET. As usual, the business of Bush's business took precedent over the business of business.

*George Bush, commenting on the Schiavo case, used this exact phrase today, "err on the side of life," during a Social Security campaign stop.

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