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The ultimate Fox insult - Nancy Pelosi compared to "harrumph"ing Europeans

Reported by Chrish - March 18, 2005

Brit Hume made a double play on Special Report 3/17/05, tagging both House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and various Europeans for being unsupportive of Bush's nomination of Paul Wolfowitz to head the World Bank.

On the Grapevine segment, Hume read "...Wolfowitz' nomination to head the World Bank set off a round of harrumphing in Europe. Amsterdam based Greenpeace says it's a, quote, "disaster to put the World Bank into the hands of a man who will clearly put US and the oil industry interests first." The British-based World Development Movement says it is, quote, "a truly terrifying appointment." And the German Green Party calls the nomination "unacceptable" and a researcher at the Foundation of Political Sciences in Paris says it, quote, "sounds like a declaration of war and if not that, a declaration of contempt for Europe."

Later in the show, as an intro during the "all-stars" segment, video was run of Nancy Pelosi saying "...the president's selection of Mr. Wolfowitz to head the World Bank is hard to understand... Maybe the president's way of removing him from the defense department. I can't see a match of credentials with the mission of the World Bank."

Return to Brit saying "Well, there you go. As we noted earlier in the Grapevine the comments rolling out of Europe were no more positive that Ms. Pelosi's on the subject of Paul Wolfowitz to the World Bank."

Comment: So this is where the "fairness" comes in....since there is negative reaction from many corners about this appointment, Fox steps up with the "balancing" positives. Fred Barnes, Mort Kondracke, and Mara Liasson were unanimous in their approval and support of Wolfowitz, Kondracke going so far as calling Wolfowitz "pro-democratic, pro-humanitarian", and "one of the most honest, upstanding, idealist, decent public servants". Liasson did qualify her praise by saying "if Paul Wolfowitz had not been the architect of the Iraq policy, he would have been considered the perfect fit for the World Bank." She even backed down from saying Wolfowitz was "wrong" about Iraq when challenged by Barnes, agreeing that the outcome was not wrong (so the ends justify the means?)

The foundation was laid in the rapidfire conversation that "we" are going to affect some necessary "reform" at the World Bank. Fred Barnes suggested more money will go to private companies, not corrupt governments and non-government organizations (non-profits), to spur third world capitalism. I think this means we'll soon see "direct deposit" into the coffers of Halliburton, Carlyle Group, and other friends of the administration. They're not just going to loot the US Treasury - on to the World Bank!

Note that this important piece of national and world news was "covered" in a tabloidy 30-second spot, not in the "serious news" segments, and then discussed but not debated on an opinion ("analysis") segment. It's been reported, in Fox's book, and the viewers have been properly spun - mission accomplished.

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