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Hannity's Culture Of Life

Reported by Deborah - March 18, 2005

Hannity put on quite a one sided show tonight campaigning to have Terri Schiavo's feeding tube replaced.Guests tonight included Terri's sister and brother, James Dobson, Rick Santorum, George Sensenbrenner and Randall Terry, founder of the infamous Operation Rescue.When Randall Terry appeared, he was mainly concerned with the paybacks from politicians and the pro life agenda and Terry Schiavo became just a symbol for the extreme right's culture of life.

Viewers of H&C tonight got a completely one sided look at this issue.
Everyone on H&C claimed that Terri Schiavo was not in a vegetative state claiming she could talk and would recover with therapy. However, Schiavo's sister admitted that there had been no MRI's permitted to find out her true condition.

Hannity framed the situation as a heartless murder of a functioning young woman stressing the painful death she was facing.James Dobson supported this view condemning the heartless judicial action to uphold the law and remove the tube.Hannity bragged that he had been working on this for three hours on his radio show.

Before Santorum and Sensenbrenner came on, there was a brief soundbite from the lawyer representing Terri's husband. The lawyer was shown angrily accusing Democrats of not not speaking up to prevent the replacement of the tube.Viewers got no information from the other side.

The House and Senate Republicans battling over the details of the law could not reach an agreement before the tube was removed.In the name of saving Terri Schiavo, a law will be passed that will impact our ability to carry out our loved one's wishes, if there is no living will and will transfer power from spouses to parents.

Finally Randall Terry appeared who is responsible for the hate filled demonstrations outside Women's clinics making a visit to Planned Parenthood a nightmare. Randall didn't seem at all concerned about Terri claiming that he had been at this for 25 years since the Reagan Revolution.Randall angry at lawmakers added,
" We got conservatives in charge of both chambers and these people can't get it together. They came into office making promises..."
It was very clear that he felt that paybacks were in order and he urged people to create an avalanche of protest. Then he started jabbering about an epiphany he had about Pontius Pilate and the blood of innocents.

comments: If Terri Schiavo is not in a vegetative state, speaks and can be rehabilitated and as Dobson noted, just needs some help eating, that's one thing. However,there is no way to determine the truth without getting both sides of the issue which was totally absent tonight.If there has been no MRI or modern testing as Schiavo's sister said then how are they so sure that Terry will recover?
Maybe Hannity took advantage of Colmes' absence and just arrogantly created this right wing rally.There was nothing fair and balanced about this show.In my opinion, Randall Terry is a dangerous fanatic who will stop at nothing.It is frightening to think that Hannity aligns himself with Randall and then put himself on such a self righteous pedestal.

I worked with severely neurologically impaired young adults and have seen the suffering endured when the impairments progress. There are constant bed sores, chronic bowel problems; painful infections around the feeding tube opening. I have seen the same expression that they are calling a smile on countless vegetative people. Maybe Terri is really smiling but what if she isn't? What will she do during all those hours when family isn't visiting her? Who is really thinking about Terri Schiavo?

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