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Oh, Atlanta! Bill O'Reilly bashes "the capitol of the south"

Reported by Chrish - March 15, 2005

On the O'Reilly Factor 3/14/05, Bill was all over Atlanta and it's failings. His two guests for the segment, Dick Williams of "The Georgia Gang" and Michael King of Project 21, The National Leadership Network of Black Conservatives, seemed to be in agreement with Bill on all points.

As Marie Therese has noted on previous posts here , here , and here , Bill O'Reilly seems to have something against Paul Howard. The tragic killings in Atlanta on Friday may be akin to Bush's "trifecta" in 2001, giving O'Reilly the catalyst he needs for the attack he was planning anyway.

The three agreed that DA Paul Howard's assertion that a short woman was as able as a man to manage the prisoner on the way into the courtroom was "politically correct nonsense that Atlanta has embraced and has led to Armageddon for your city...." O'Reilly asked "This is the problem in Atlanta, guys like him, is it not?" King agreed, adding that Howard is "distanced from reality", "his competence is lacking". Dick Williams added that the blame can be spread in many directions: the Fulton County Sheriff's Dept. is in crisis, the DA's office is of questionable competency, and the Atlanta Police Dept. (long detailed description of missteps in the capture). O'Reilly wonders, "how can a major American city be run so poorly? There doesn't seem to be anyone in charge there at all. The city is bankrupt financially, the newspaper The Atlanta Constitution...absolutely apologizes for everything that goes on down there...it's just a collapse down there." King agrees, opining it is a matter of political correctness and faulting the cops' performance friday; O'Reilly interrupts, saying that only indicates incompetence, and goes to Williams. He references that they spoke before the show about "the culture problem" in Atlanta, ie mostly "concerned with African-Americans." BOR "Are you saying ...political correctness and racial, I don't know what the word is (Williams gives him "fixation"), OK, a fixation on race and political correctness, has basically caused the city....to collapse - is that what you're saying?"

Both Williams and King agree that through racial and political correctness Atlanta has collapsed. Bill says it's a shame and it's hard to believe he feels that way.

After the break, O'Reilly brings in Greg Fulton of Time Magazine for the "Impact Segment". The topic is Fulton County, which is "insane, it's out of control."
O'Reilly makes a big deal over the fact that the prisoner was changing his clothes before going into the courtroom - acknowledging that this is in order to give the appearance of innocence until proven guilty, O'reilly nonetheless asks "isn't it a joke? It's crazy."

Comment: Bill was all over DA Paul Howard before the couthouse shootings. The hyperbole in this case is extreme even for O'Reilly, bashing the entire city government and law enforcement. What next, call in the National Guard?

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