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Newt Gingrich spins low approval numbers

Reported by Chrish - March 15, 2005

Judge Andrew Napolitano guest hosted on The Big Story 3/15/05, and had on Newt Gingrich to spin the low approval ratings for both Congress and the president. The latest Gallup numbers put Congress' approval rating at 37%, the lowest since right after the impeachment in 1999, and Bush's approval at 52%.

First Gingrich answered Napolitano's question "Why is the Congress at such a low ebb at this point in time?" with "I think both sides have something to dislike. When you're a Republican and you see Sen Harry Reid promise to block every federal judge he doesn't agree with, you see Sen Harry Reid promise the Democrats will block even getting a vote on Social Security, you say I don't like that. If you're a liberal Democrat,and you don't like the idea passing a bill to reform the lawsuits that was passed just ten days ago, you say I don't like that. So I think part of what's going on is that each side's partisans have a reason for disliking what they see the other side doing. And I think that there's not a clear message coming out of either party right now. We're in a period where there's lots of noise and not really much clarity.'"

Napolitano: "How does this play out for the WH, Mr Speaker? The president is on this 60-city crusade to persuade the American people, to persuade their representatives in the Congress to vote in favor of his Social Security reforms...is this good for the WH, bad for the WH, and how do they deal with it?"

Gingrich: "Well I think the most significant thing about the poll you cited is that the president's approval remains very very strong. (52% !!) He's running if I remember correctly about 15 points or 17 points stronger than the Congress in approval. That has to on balance give him an advantage. Plus I think as people see his foreign policy working in places like Lebanon, and in Libya, and in Egypt, the president looks like a person with great courage, and conviction, and that has to on balance give him some additional strength as he goes out to campaign to reform the Social Security system."

Comment: For SUCH low numbers there is widespread dissatisfaction on both sides and in the middle.
Pointing out that Bush's numbers are higher is like saying he flunked the test be less than they did.
Gingrich seems to be hinting that Bush will use his higher numbers to try to "convince" Congresspeople to go along with his Wall Street boondoggle. And I don't think 37% of Americans could tell you where Lebanon, Libya, and Egypt are, never mind what our foreign policy in relation to them is.
I give him an 7.5 for presentation and a 1 for content.

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