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On FOX News It's Never Too Early To Start Worrying About Hillary

Reported by Ellen - March 14, 2005

George W. Bush's second term has barely begun but for that's no reason for FOX News not to start thinking about the next presidential election. For FOX, that means worrying about Hillary Clinton. In a segment purportedly about Condoleezza Rice's presidential ambitions - or lack thereof - a debate on Big Story today was really more about Hillary than Condi.

As "If Not Condi...?" appeared on the lower quarter of the screen, substitute host Andrew Napolitano started off the discussion by asking Democratic former Congressman now FOX News Analyst Martin Frost if any Democrat can beat Hillary Clinton in the primaries.

Frost answered that we have to see what happens in 2006 before predicting 2008.

Napolitano then asked Kellyanne Conway, Republican strategist and pollster if Rice meant it when she said she wouldn't run. Conway said that Rice is so honorable that she must have meant it. But Conway also backpedaled by adding she was "so glad" Rice said "what she said" so that she can focus on her "day job." The Conway took a swipe at the Democrats. She called it a "shame" Frost couldn't break through the "celebritization" of Democratic party and become the DNC chair. (Comment: It's big of Ms. Conway to offer her thoughts on what's best for the Democratic party but if she finds it a shame that Howard Dean is DNC chair, that's probably cause for celebration for those of us who want to see the Dems succeed.)

After Napolitano elicited some other possible Democratic candidates from Frost, he asked Conway if any of them can beat Clinton for the nomination:

Conway took another swipe at Dean in the guise of altruistic concern for the Democrats: Probably not... I don't think the Democratic party, including Congressman Frost who ran for the DNC chairmanship, can be happy with a party that is now relying on Howard Dean and Hillary Clinton to be their standard-bearers. She's not even the most popular Clinton in her own household, let alone across the country.

Comment: This additional sympathy from Kellyanne Conway is making me even more optimistic!

Conway followed that gesture of kindness by knocking the Democrats further. "Democrats have to be breathing relief today that Condi Rice is not running because there's no way that they would want the first black American woman president to be a Republican. They're effectively a party of rich white guys now and that would have proved it once and for all. You've got a lot of people going to be lining up (to run)."

Comment: The Republicans are NOT a party of rich, white guys now? How many black Republican Senators are there? Zero. How many blacks voted for Bush? Approximately 11%

FOX News typically ends its segments on either a pro-Republican or anti-Democratic note. The last portion of this segment came when Napolitano fed Conway the not-so-fair and balanced question, "If Senator Clinton tries to redefine herself as a centrist, do you think anybody will believe this?"

Conway: Oh, no. It's very difficult to introduce yourself six different ways in as many years... If Mrs. Clinton can be shown to be erratic and changing her mind and changing her positions, that makes people very nervous. There are already enough people nervous in this country about voting for a woman for president because they think they're too emotional so if they're also erratic on top of that, you can forget it."

Then why are the Republicans so nervous about her?

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