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Fox Alert - Another Activist Judge in California

Reported by Ellen - March 14, 2005

While watching Studio B with Shepard Smith today, he cut away for a 'Fox Alert'. Naturally, my curiosity was 'not' piqued, but I thought I'd play along with their ruse.

The 'Alert' was to tell us that a Superior Court judge in California had struck down the law that said it was illegal for people of the same sex to marry. The judge claimed that the law passed by California voters was invalid because it was against the constitution of California. He found that it didn't give them 'equal protection under the law'.

Smith pulled in resident law guru, Judge Andrew Napolitano, who said he hadn't read the decision, but that these people who got married in San Francisco may have their marriages validated by this ruling. He stated that either that or they would have the opportunity of getting married again.

Apparently, the reason this was a Fox News Alert was that Smith said this decision was totally unexpected (to them at Fox?). He asked about the appeal process. Napolitano said it would go to the Appellate Court and eventually the Supreme Court of California.

Smith asked Napolitano if this could cause major repurcussions for the rest of the country. Napolitano said, not yet, but if the Supreme Court of California upheld it, there could be repercussions for the rest of the country. But, time was up, so we didn't get to hear 'what' repercussions the rest of the country would have if the California Supreme Court upheld this ruling. Napolitano said the California Supreme Court would probably not get it for 1 1/2 to 2 years. But I'm sure this isn't the last we've heard of it.

Comment: Now we have 'News Alerts' to warn us about people of the same sex getting a constitutional ruling in their favor. What 'are' these repercussions that could happen to the rest of the country? Should everyone be afraid? I'm sure the intent was to 'scare' the Fox viewers that if it could happen in California, it was just a matter of time until it happened in their own states. After all, this ruling shot down a 'voted on' law by the people of California in favor of 'Constitutional rights'. I guess Fox thought it was 'unexpected' because things usually go their way. This time, it didn't. Meanwhile - does this mean Rosie O'Donnell is married, now?

Reported by Donna

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