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What's Lower Than Fluff?

Reported by Nancy - March 11, 2005 -

On FNL on 3/10, they barely got started with the usual Dem-bashing & Bush-praising when any pretense of real news was swept away in a barrage of speculation about Michael Jackson. Fortunately, I was able to fast-forward through the Jackson hysteria, which ate up the last 80 minutes of the program -- with only an occasional ad break. They were so gaga about this, they even skipped the "Asman Observer" (yeah, I was heartbroken).

At 11:12am teasers included: strides in fight against terror; how close are terrorists to getting a nuke?; Dems looking to boost voter turnout - "what part do felons play in their plan?"; handing out free heroin

At 11:15am Quinn interviewed Bill Kristol (rabid reactionary ideologue) in London about an international conference being held in Spain to mark the 1-year anniversary of the Madrid bombings. Quinn asked if it was a "useful exercise" to define terror & Kristol said it was "doubtful" then went off on a tangent about how the Madrid bombings were planned long before Spain joined the coalition, adding that "they've cracked down now." Quinn observed that Al Qaeda "plots for years" & "they're proactive not reactive" & Kristol was off again, talking about "how passive we were," & how the Spanish authorities were too before 9/11. He sneered that both Spain & the US used to think that "civil liberties come first" but smugly claimed that this "attitude" has changed in both Spain & the US. He also noted that Blair has proposed a law "tougher than the Patriot Act" & said that "ironically" it's conservatives in the UK who are objecting to it on civil rights grounds.
Comment: This whole interview was a good example of neo-con ignorance. Spain has been dealing with terrorism -- both homegrown & imported -- for longer than Kristol has been able to say "War is Peace". I wouldn't be surprised if he thought the internatl conf in Madrid would greet the US with flowers. And I really thought Kristol would have a better grasp of the concept of "irony" -- there is nothing "ironic" about conservatives opposing the erosion of civil liberties. Note that the "international conference" was not actually discussed during the interview; it was merely a convenient hook for Kristol to spout some of his usual nonsense.

At 11:23am Quinn said that a recent study shows that ex-felons are more likely to vote Dem & now JKerry & HClinton are proposing a bill to let ex-felons vote, so are Dems "recruiting felons?"

Comment: Let's start right there. Quinn didn't give enough info re the alleged "study" so that viewers could check it out for themselves. Quinn didn't give the name of the bill -- the Count Every Vote Act, or CEVA (S.450). Quinn named Kerry & HClinton as "proposing" the bill; HClinton is the sponsor in the Senate, & Kerry is one of 6 co-sponsors (the others are Boxer, Dayton, Lautenberg, Leahy & Mikulski, none of whom Quinn named). Quinn didn't mention that it's also been introduced in the House (H.R. 939), sponsored by Representative Stephanie Tubbs Jones. Quinn didn't mention that this is old "news" -- both the House & Senate bills were introduced on Feb 17. Quinn didn't mention that CEVA does a lot more than propose enfranchisement of ex-felons. Both the teaser at 11:12am (see above) & the way Quinn strung together her intro clearly are meant to imply that JKerry & HClinton have a vested interest in getting ex-felons the right to vote, that ex-felons are Dems, that Dems like ex-felons, etc, etc, etc.

So Quinn interviewed Pete DeConcini (former Sen, D-AZ) & Frank Donatelli (GOP "strategist"). When Quinn asked if Dems are "recruiting felons" DeConcini replied "of course not" & tried to explain how he considered it a "matter of fairness". Quinn asked Donatelli "Why not do it?" Donatelli said it would be okay "after they've paid their dues" but the problem is that it's a "federal mandate" citing "states' rights" & the 14th Amendment. DeConcini agreed that's a valid point, but said the fed govt "can assist in many ways" (e.g., resources, technology grants) if the states want to comply with fairness standards, adding that it's "all about counting every vote." Quinn asked if the bill was "sour grapes over losing the election" & Donatelli didn't answer directly, instead saying that CEVA [comment: at least he, unlike Quinn, used the actual name of the bill] is "a terrible piece of legislation," the fed mandate is "only one small part" & it opens up "too many opportunities for fraud."

At 11:33am Jennifer Griffin reported from Damascus about events there today. She said there was a "little taste of Syrian democracy" when about 100 protesters rallied at the Dept of Justice & called for an end of martial law. Then a "state-sponsored mob" of 400-500 showed up shouting that the protesters were traitors & turned on the press covering the event. [Comment: her description reminded me of the incident where the GOP mob stormed the voting recount offices in Miami in 2000.]

At 11:37am David Asman said Bush is "holding conversations" about SocSec to intro a report by Molly Henenberg in Louisville, KY. Among the vital info Henenberg thought important was Bush's itinerary over the next few days. Henenberg's report was even shorter (approx 2 mins) than FNL's usual 3-min mini-blurbs because ...

At 11:39am Quinn announced there was "breaking news" re MJackson, & FNL was off to the races. The remainder of the program was all Jackson, with repeated ALERTs, & the usual blahblahblah speculation from Asman, Quinn, Hammer, Anita Vogel, Judge Andrew Napolitano, Lis Wiehl & Dr Isidore Rosenfeld chiming in at various & sundry times. Asman could barely contain his glee that Jackson might go to jail for being late to court (e.g., 12:35pm, Asman announced that the judge's deadline has passed & said the question now is "whether Judge Melville is a man of his word").

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