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Is There A Campaign Brewing To Blame Democrats For The Draft?

Reported by Deborah - March 11, 2005

Mike Honda introduced the Student Privacy Protection Act last month in Congress and visited H&C on March 9th supposedly to talk about it but he was the victim of a hostile and well orchestrated gang up by Hannity and Candace Miller,R. preventing Honda from sharing the facts.Fortunatly, Colmes worked quickly to shed some light on the situation but there was evidence that Hannity had plans to use Honda to support his own agenda.

Hannity, avoiding the title of Honda's legislation, claimed that he was trying to keep military recruiters away from High Schools.He opened the interview with a nasty tirade claiming that Honda showed a lack of respect for the military and was trying to make it harder to recruit the essential number of troops.

Honda tried to explain that it was not about banning military from schools but was a privacy issue preventing schools from giving out information.

Hannity, yelling at this point wouldn't let Honda talk accusing him of having another agenda.
"I don't have enough time! Do you think that our military is a force for good, Sir? I think you have another agenda. Do you think our military is a force for good?"
Honda refused to answer stating that he came to discuss the legislation.

Colmes had his turn with Candace Miller asking her why schools should be allowed to give out private information without parental notification. She jumped down his throat with the Hannity theme claiming that Honda had another agenda and it was an effort to bring back the draft.Miller refused to address the privacy issue and continued to distort Honda's intentions.
"Why demonize recruiters?", Miller wailed.

Then Colmes slipped in the fact that Miller and Hannity wanted to avoid. It seems that The No Child Left Behind law requires schools to give out student information or lose all federal funding.
Candace miller responded in an arrogant and annoyed voice,
"They don't have to take the money!"

Comment:According to Mike Honda's website, The Student Privacy Protection Act only requires that parents give their permission before the school gives out addresses and telephone numbers to recruiters who have been contacting students under 18 with calls and letters.This reality is a far cry from Hannity's allegations that Honda was trying to obstruct our military and force the return of the draft.
Last night Hannity did a story about students at San Francisco University, protesting recruiters at a job fair. It was a small demonstration yet somehow a Fox News team showed up to cover it. Hannity was on his soapbox again sending the same message.Since the ability to recruit sufficient troops is a major problem,bringing back the draft might be the only solution. Since Republicans don't want to take responsibility for that horror,guess who will take the blame?

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