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Robert Byrd Concerned About Free Speech

Reported by Deborah - March 10, 2005

Alan Colmes had an exclusive interview with Senator Robert Byrd on H&C tonight. Hannity has been unrelenting in his abuse of Byrd for the Senator's recent quoting of Alan Bullock. Hannity and the toxic team have accused Byrd of comparing Bush to Hitler and of course Byrd's very distant connection to the KKK is always mentioned by Hannity whenever he talks about Byrd. Tonight Colmes helped set the record straight with some very direct questions to a Senator who has served his country for 47 years in the Senate. Byrd, indifferent to criticism, is concerned about the recent deterioration of free speech in the U.S. Senate. 3/10/05

Robert Byrd compared his critics to "gnats and bug bites" claiming that his love of history motivated his talk about Nazi Germany. Byrd is concerned about the Republican plan to eliminate the filibustur so they can get all their judges appointed without dissent from the Democrat minority."Men have lived and died for the right to speak out."

Byrd stressed that the filibuster allows the minority to be heard, Democrat or Republican. Freedom of speech depends on dissent and debate from the minority in the Senate. He was disturbed by Bush's desire for an up or down vote without the vital debate.

Colmes asked if there was less tolerance for dissent now? Byrd replied,"I have never seen anything like this. People are polarized."
Byrd expressed his dissapointment with the Democrats for not speaking out against the tax cuts and the Iraq War.

Asked about his membership in the KKK, Byrd was totally serene describing his activity as a "sad memory and I have apologized. I have done my best to do the right thing." He added that time, reflection and the Bible helped him change his mind in 1946.

Comment: Sean Hannitty has launched a ruthless attack on this devoted American because he has the courage to speak out and can not be intimidated by the toxic team. Senator Byrd has stood on the inside of our gov't since 1957 obviously experiencing some very difficult times but he was very clear that our Freedom of Speech is seriously threatened and this " nuclear threat" removal of the filibuster must never be allowed.

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