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What's With These FOX Military Analysts?

Reported by Ellen - March 9, 2005

Monday, 3/7/05, Donna reported on FOX analyst Robert Bevelacqua, retired Green Beret, calling the release of former hostage Giuliana Sgrena "unfortunate." Last night, 3/8/05, FOX military analyst General Robert Scales insulted and ridiculed one of the callers to Alan Colmes' FOX News radio program.

Scales was a guest on the program as part of a discussion about military recruiters having access to high school student's records. Josh, in Arkansas, called up to complain about the unkept promises made by the military to potential recruits. Sounding anguished, he said, "My best friend's sister has just been recruited by the Marines. She's 4'8" and they promised her that she'd be able to do special ops when she gets into the military."

General Scales cracked up.

Colmes: What do you say, Major General Scales?...

Scales (still laughing): That's one of the dumbest callers you've ever had on your show. (Josh was still on the line)

Colmes (taken aback): Why are you calling the caller "dumb," sir?...

Scales (still laughing): He's claiming that the Marines are going to take a 4'8" female and put her in special ops.

John Grant, from Veterans for Peace, another guest: Well, they're promising her. That's what he's saying.

Scales: That's the silliest thing I've ever heard.

Colmes: Why do you want to attack the caller simply because you don't like the information the caller's giving you?

Scales - Why don't you have the caller - when we get off the air give me his email or his phone number and I'll follow up on that and I'll call you back, Alan, and tell you the veracity of that..."

Josh agreed to do that.

Scales repeated: "That's the silliest thing I've ever heard."

Comment: It's possible, of course, that Josh was mistaken or even deliberately fibbing. Because of the distress in his voice, my guess is that if the story is not true, he was mistaken. Either way, it seemed very callous and arrogant for General Scales to laugh and call him dumb. He could have said, "That seems highly unlikely," or "I'd be shocked if that were true" or even "That can't be true. You must be mistaken." But to laugh at him and call him one of the dumbest callers makes the general look even dumber, in my view.

The kind of brutish behavior we see or hear from these analysts day after day reflects very badly on FOX.

If the general is wrong, I hope he'll be man enough to admit it.

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