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John Bolton Was Nominated Monday & Tuesday Fox News Said Start Worrying About China

Reported by Melanie - March 9, 2005

A mere 24-hours after President Bush nominated John Bolton, famous for his ties to Taiwan, to be our ambassador to the United Nations, Fox News's Neil Cavuto lead his program (Tuesday, March 8, 2005) with two segments on the "potentially big threats" of the China-Taiwan situation.

Jim Lobe, who writes for Inter Press Service, Oneworld.net, and Alternet.com, among others, said today on DemocracyNow, that Bolton is famous for "promoting the cause of Taiwanese independence against China."

London's Financial Times said, in an article titled, Bush chooses hawk as ambassador to UN, that Bolton is "known as a strong supporter of Taiwan."

Under a banner reading "Target: Taiwan," Neil Cavuto opened his show (Tuesday, March 8, 2005) saying that he wanted his viewers to to "think about China and Taiwan." He said, "Why, if these two guys come to blows, it's the world, your world, and welcome to it. To Terry Keenan now, and the threat no one is talking about but people b-e-t-t-e-r start worrying about."

Keenan reported that on Tuesday the Chinese voted to authorize Bejing to take military action to "stop Taiwan from pursuing formal independence if other efforts fail." She said China warned other countries not to interfere and that "such pronouncements are tantamount to waving a red flag at Taipei which warns that the legislation was a pretext for an attack and the island says it will step-up its war games."

After Keenan's report, Cavuto turned to his two guests, Lawrence Eagleburger and Richard Allen, both Republicans (fair and balanced?). Their discussion was, of course, ominous. Eagleberger said that "if the Chinese make threats like this it could really lead to a mess between ourselves and Taiwan and the Chinese." He said the Chinese passed a law that "put down a marker that they can't back away from and that's always stupid in international diplomacy." He said the United States is "well committed, not totally, but well committed to defending Taiwan against attack." He said the Chinese "have to know that" and if we "live up to our word," and China does something "particularly offensive as far as Taiwan is concerned, the two major countries here are going to be in one big mess over this island."

Allen said he believed we were "not too far away from the period of time when China is going to make a serious attempt, this is a declaration of intent, and it's very important that we respond to it correctly." He said China's statement was "not just if Taiwan tries to go independent, but if 'peaceful means are exhausted'." That's a "very important concept" because it's left up to "Bejing to decide when peaceful means are exhausted. It's very dangerous."

Comment: Evidently the email, phones and fax machines between the White House and Fox News are buzzing along. The Bolton nomination Monday and then the emphasis on Taiwan the next day on Fox News is an example of the White-House-Fox-News propaganda machine at work. Fox News would say that it was simply covering news. Before now, this may have warranted mention during a news break or be the topic of one segment, but it was the topic of two segments, one of which included two high-powered Republican guests. The potential for a conflict was emphasized and highlighted. It was meant to be heard.

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