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Best Wishes For A Speedy Recovery From Hannity & Paula Jones

Reported by Deborah - March 9, 2005

A bright eyed and upbeat Paula Jones fresh from an appearance on the new show Lie Detector visited H&C to share her good news. Surprise, Surprise, Paula passed the test and now she feels vindicated so Hannity was only too happy to let Paula share her happiness on the eve of Clinton's heart operation. 3/9/05

Viewers were treated to a clip of Jones taking the test on air. Jones seated at a stark table was shown responding to questions by a grave and deep voiced man.
" Did Bill Clinton show you his private parts in a hotel room?"
Then the host of the show gave her the wonderful results with appropriate music and bottled suspense declaring that she told the truth.

Paula Jones explained that she did this because she really wasn't in Bill Clinton's book and this bothered her. Then Hannity praised her to the sky for being so steadfast giving her the credit for bringing Clinton down.

Colmes inquired if Jones had been asked if events in the hotel room were consentual. Paula giggled at Colmes," You're trying to turn this around on me and I'm not going to let you."

Jones stated that she was a stay at home Mom with three boys and she didn't mind being recognized as long as the people were nice to her and of course, she never did any of it for the money.

Comment:Paula Jones made an appearance on Fox about 7 months ago right after Clinton's book came out complaining that she wasn't in it.I guess trashing Clinton once a year is a good part time job for a busy Mom. It sure beats retail or substitute teaching.However, it makes me wonder why anyone would want to revive that story about themselves, especially if there are kids to hear about it.

This was a mean spirited cheap shot to take, even for Hannity.Bill Clinton does not look well and I think everyone has some doubt about the implications of his surgery this week.Also Clinton has been completely gracious to Bush Sr even sleeping on the floor on the airplane so George could have the bed. He has not had a bad word to say about the administration and I've wondered how he could be so forgiving after the filth they have spewed his way.

Last night Hannity had Dick Morris on for some Hillary hating and Morris was more vile than usual. Here's a classic from last night.
"If you think Hillary is sincere, God Bless you. If you don't, you have a brain."

I wonder how much longer Morris and Jones can live off of Bill Clinton. How many years has it been so far?

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