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Fox News & the Ten Commandments

Reported by Melanie - March 7, 2005

I wish I could insert sound into this post because you'd hear me sighing at Fox's attempt to make a segment about the Ten Commandments and "the public square," fit into the first half hour of its premiere "business show." That's what happened today (March 7, 2005) on Your World w/Neil Cavuto. Cavuto is, after all (according to Fox's promos), the "king of cable business news."

Mark Levin, right wing radio talk show host, conservative advocacy group member, and author of, Men In Black: How the Supreme Court Is Destroying America, (the book pictured next to Levin's is by Fox "general assignment reporter" Major Garrett), was a guest today on Your World. Levin appeared after several segments about Boeing's CEO, Harry Stonecipher, who was ousted today, allegedly, because he had an affair with an employee.

Under the caption, "God & the Workplace," Cavuto opened the interview with: "Maybe we wouldn't have these sex scandals in the work place if we didn't keep God out of the work place. So says Mark Levin." Cavuto showed the cover of Levin's book and said it was a New York Times "bestseller, and then some." He said Levin credits "that elite status" (Fox praises the New York Times when it suits its purposes) with "guests being on Sean Hannity." (I think Cavuto meant to say with "being a guest on Sean Hannity.")

Cavuto, always trying to give the illusion that his show is devoted to business news, asked, if "God and religious references, period, are just taken out," I wonder "whether or not that could be part of the Boeing problem." Levin said that "God in the workplace beats condoms in the workplace," that the CEO of Boeing has to "set an example the same way Bill Clinton should have set an example for the country." (This was the second time during the first 30 minutes of the show that Clinton was mentioned in connection with the Boeing CEO story.)

Cavuto asked if we are becoming a "looser nation? We are forgetting God." Levin said he didn't think so but he's "troubled at the government level with efforts by the Supreme Court and the lower courts basically to squash God" and religious symbols "in the public square. That's not what the First Amendment requires." He said there's "hypocrisy" in this area. The Supreme Court hears a case about whether the Ten Commandments can be displayed in a courtroom "when they're displayed in its courtroom," and then there's a lot of "hair splitting" about Moses and Napoleon being in the picture, and "well, who cares"? He said the "Ten Commandments are an important part of this country's history," in a "religious sense," not in a "secular sense so I have no problem."

Cavuto said, "But a lot of companies, specifically Mark, do. What do you think of that"? Levin said an employee has to accept a company's culture. "If they allow for religious expression and proselytizing, great. You've found a company you like." If it doesn't allow that then "that's not a place for you." He said "the whole world doesn't have to change for you," that's what bothers him, when people say they "don't want a Menorah or the Ten Commandments on the public square." The "Constitution doesn't say you don't have a right to be offended." The Constitution says "and the framers meant" that there won't "be a combination of government and church so they rule as one and the same."

Cavuto asked what if a "majority were atheists and those who were religious were getting ticked off"? (This is Cavuto's way of saying that's what's happening now. He's rallying the troops.) Levin, playing along with the let's-pretend-this-is-a-business-show theme asked, "You mean in business"? Cavuto quietly said "ah huh." Levin replied, "It won't happen in this country." He said "this country is steeped in religion," which is why the "left and the lawyers on the Supreme Court are having so much difficulty." Levin said "If they're truly honest about where they want to take us, which is to chisel every religious symbol off of every government building, there'd be some kind of a revolution in this country so they have to split hairs and pretend they're not doing that." (Another message to the troops: We'll have a "revolution" if "those atheists chisel every religious symbol off of every government building.")

COMMENT: Cavuto is a propagandist who plays a business show anchor on TV. Your World w/Neil Cavuto isn't any more a business show than The Factor is. Give us a break Fox. Get real. Level with your viewers.

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