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POTUS true identity revealed on Fox - "The Salesman"

Reported by Chrish - March 5, 2005

The top story on Special Report last night 3/4 was the selling of Social Security "reform"(privatization, corporatization, demolition). A video insert of Bush was appropriately labeled "The Salesman" while Jim Angle, subbing for Brit Hume, announced that Bush was back on the road for the hard sell on personal accounts in Social Security. It was immediately framed as a partisan battle (ignoring the Republicans in Congress who are also leery or outright opposed to the proposal) when Angle said "Democrats countered with their own road show, accusing the president of trying to destroy SS..."

Carl Cameron reports that the White House has set a deadline of September for Congress to pass SS "reform", "potentially the biggest domestic achievement in decades", then goes to a clip of Bush saying "Those of us in public office must look down the road. We can't say 'Well, don't worry. I'm on a 2-year term, or I'm on a 6-year term, or I'm on a 4-year term...we'll just let someone else deal with it."

Comment: I thought that was his specialty - Has no-one read him the reports about the deficits, global warming, and health-care?

Bush "explained" his plan as follows: "Personal accounts is an add-on to that which the government's going to pay ya. It doesn't replace the Social Security system. It is a part of making getting a better rate of return."
Carl's own "explanation" wasn't much better "No changes for people over 55. Fix SS long-term cash crisis - no consensus at all yet on how - and personal retirement accounts within SS for younger workers to put part of their SS tax withholding into conservative investment accounts."

Carl says "It is complex; to some, numbingly dry, so the pitch-man-in-chief keeps it moving...self-effacing jokes, wisecracks with the crowd, and the bottom line: left unchecked, the nation's retirement plan goes into the red in 13 years."

Bush then addresses the younger workers and says they have to listen carefully to the debate because they are going to have to pay for this.

Comment: Interesting how this strict father says they have to listen, not engage and join in. I reiterate, since when does he care about the financial burdens he is placing on our (certainly not his) children and grandchildren? If Clinton was slick, this guy is downright oily.

Speaking of Clinton, and aren't they usually?, Campaign Carl says "Democrats vow to block reform and changes under president Bush that closely reflect what they supported when Bill Clinton was in office. They accuse Mr Bush of hyping the fiscal woes that they themselves complained about only a few years ago."

Comment: Clinton's plan was to use the federal surplus (remember the surplus?) to shore up SS for everyone and to perhaps supplement SS with individual savings accounts. Bush gave the surplus, the people's surplus, to his elite haves and have-mores friends.

(Summarizing and paraphrasing CCC): Apparently the White House is changing tactics. They plan to bombard us for the next 60 days with the solvency issue ("educating the public about the solvency problem"), and then re-present the private accounts as the solution ("pushing personal retirement accounts".)

Comment: In other words, they will scare people for 2 months until they are willing to accept his pre-determined "solution", much like they supported his pre-planned invasion of Iraq after being terrorized about mushroom clouds and large Middle-eastern conspiracies. Hopefully, Americans are sufficiently dismayed about this administration's fiscal incompetence and will refuse to let them "sell" us another plan that benefits their cronies and hurts the working class.

Next Major Garrett was brought on to cover the Democrats' meetings today, which were introduced as "a relentless assault on the president's proposal for personal accounts...accusing the president of trying to destroy SS, so he could, in the words of one Democrat, deliver a big wet kiss to Wall Street" by Jim Angle. Garrett began with "It wasn't quite Braodway or vaudeville or even a talk show, but Senator Hillary Clinton did act as a stage manager." (Inference: that bossy, domineering...)
Garrett read "Democrats gave it all a melodramatic feel, peppering the air with vivid descriptions of good and evil" as a melodramatic intro to ND Senator Bryan Dorgan's question "Did you ever notice that those who have decided to try to take the SS system apart are those who will never need SS?"

There were several other soundbites from other senators decrying hard right idealogues in Washington who hate government (Sen. Charles Schumer) and their "ownership" attitude ("We're all in this alone" - Sen. Richard Durbin). Garrett said "to Democrats SS illustrates the best of liberalism, and private voluntary SS retirement accounts the worst of cold, hard capitalism."

Garrett noted that "imitating the president" the Dems had "pre-screened supporters on stage to applaud and amplify", and when reporters pressed that point the Democrat leader Harry Reid replied that at least his side would meet the press. "We are here answering your questions on SS. He won't do it."

Garrett continued his "politics as theater" theme saying the Dems "promise more SS road show". Senator Ted Kennedy "performed solo" in MA, only to discover the hazards of real give and take.

Comment: He didn't "discover" anything. He is a seasoned statesman who can intelligently discuss every important issue affecting this country.

When a constituent asked him why average Americans should not have the same rights (meaning Thrift Savings Plans) as federal employees, Kennedy answered that they are in addition to retirement (SS), not in place of it.

Garrett's summary: "Sure, Kennedy got just a bit testy in that exchange but by and large Dems believe thay have the upper hand. Sure, they've read the polls and know the private accounts are popular among younger workers, but they also know the survey data shows middle aged workers and seniors worry much about heavy government borrowing in an age of deficits to finance those private accounts. The Democrats plan to feed that anxiety any way they can."

Comment: This is rich. A sycophant Fox memo-reader accusing Dems of exploiting anxiety - oh the irony. Bush is running around the country trying to "sell" his proposal based on the fear that the whole system will be "bankrupt" in (now it's down to ) 13 years, and Dems are the ones feeding anxiety.
The Dems are doing a good job not caving on this one - the Bush administration is proven incompetent at best in fiscal matters. People are alarmed at the prospect of having their personal money in the hands of these cavalier moneymongers.
I am also concerned that the pres is out of Washington DC for the next 60 days, on the road campaigning again. It worries me on two levels; that DC may not be safe, and that he is not devoting sufficient time to more pressing problems. SS funding is a problem (now that the surplus is GONE) but it is being marketed all out of proportion to its rightful place on the nation's priorities, i.e., NOT number 1.

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