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The "Liberals Are Destroying Our Schools" Story Of The Week

Reported by Deborah - March 4, 2005

This week we've been hammered with the story about the New Jersey teacher who was taped freaking out on a kid who refused to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance. The Teacher was caught by kids on a cell phone screaming and pulling out a chair from under the offending boy.Last night, Bill Cunningham joined Hannity to lament the breakdown of the public school system and tonight viewers were treated to a rep from Heritage Foundation and Ellis Hennican discussing some new video of the kids destroying Christmas decorations. The Flag and Christmas, now that's going over the line!

Rebecca Hagelin from Heritage Foundation was all concerned claiming that she has been all over the country witnessing the lack of discipline in the schools and the children are begging for guidelines.She was hesitant to find fault with the teacher's wild behavior instead pointing to a pattern in our society.

Hannity repeated his routine from last night conjuring memories of his Father suggesting that he could bever have gotten away with this sort of behavior. Naturally, Hannity and the Heritage person were wildly hinting that this behavior was connected to liberal rot undermining our children.

The new video taken in the dark of supposedly the same boys was filmed during Christmas time almost 3 months ago. There was no description of the source but it certainly reinforced the claim that these boys were out of control.

Hennican and Colmes made the rational point that the teacher's behavior was out of line and the boys needed discipline. When Colmes confronted Heritage Mom, who bragged about her vast experience with teenage sons, she admitted that she saw nothing wrong with a smack on the behind when kids are small.

Comment: Time for a reality check. That teacher lost it and was out of line and it doesn't matter what the kids did to warrant his freak out. My school works with the kids with the most severe behavior problems who have been expelled from the public schools and labeled unmanageable. Most of our emotionally disturbed kids have been diagnosed with ODD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder. Their problems are not caused by political ideology and will not be cured by a trip to the woodshed or the Heritage Foundation.

First of all, the kids were manipulating the teacher and planning to record his freak out.The teacher was obviously not trained to handle these kids and believe me, anyone without proper training will eventually lose it. What he did was wrong and counter productive.

However, what Hannity has done with this story is explotative and reinforces these kids who have supplied the videos. Now the teacher has been nationally humiliated and the kids are all puffed up.Of course, why should Hannity care as long as they served his purpose.

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