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Selective Outrage, Plus Advice for Gangs

Reported by Nancy - March 4, 2005 -

Wednesday night (3/2) on Special Report, Mort Kondracke was back as an "All-Star" & distinguished himself with one of the sillier assertions I've heard him make (which is saying a lot). He had only mild competition from congenital sneerer Charles Krauthammer. And installment #2 of Steve Harrigan's series of reports about the sex abuse scandal in Congo raised even more questions about why Special Report is paying so much attention to this story now.

At 6:14pm (ET) Steve Harrigan filed #2 in his series of reports about the sex abuse scandal in Congo. Harrigan listed several different victims by name & showed photos & video of some.
Comment: Seems like protecting the privacy of young girls who are alleged rape victims isn't a priority for Harrigan -- it's much more important to alert viewers that pix they might see will be "shocking" to bump up their ratings. Why doesn't he mention that adult women have been stepping forward in Congo to make these accusations for at least 2 years -- FNC wasn't outraged about that "scandal"?

The first topic for the "All-Stars" (Mara Liasson, MKondracke, Charles Krauthammer) was the SCOTUS ruling re the execution of juveniles. Brit Hume read excerpts from the majority opinion & from Scalia's dissent. Kondracke said that "legislatures & juries" should decide, not SCOTUS. Hume allowed that the phrase "cruel & unusual punishment" is vague. Liasson asked why Scalia said states w no death penalty shouldn't be counted but she was ignored by the rest of the panel. Liasson said she thought most people would agree with the court's decision "if you put it up as a referendum." Krauthammer agreed with Kondracke that the court is "imposing its opinions" & added that it is "arrogating to itself" the role of determining "national consensus" with a "specious interpretation" of how states are acting. He was particularly annoyed that SCOTUS invoked "international standards", calling that "unAmerican" & dragging in a gratuitous reference to abortion [comment: he claimed that "only 6 countries in world have abortion on demand"]. Hume asked what the panel thought the Court would do about the cases re the Ten Commandments, & Kondracke said "this is a reliigious country" so SCOTUS is "not going to violate ethics & moral standards" & added that the decision re juvenile executions "encourages gangs to hire 17-year-olds as hitmen."

Following a clip of HClinton talking about felony disenfranchisement laws, at 6:52pm, Hume asked "What does this tell us about her [Clinton]?" & Liasson responded that she is "one smart cookie" who is trying to find a "third way" on abortion. She added that HClinton is "doing what her husband did": not moving to the right but finding a way to bridge the gap. Liasson asled "if you've served your time, paid your debt" why not be able vote. Kondracke said it was "disastrous politically" for Clinton to sponsor legislation like this, because Dems are "supposed to be moving to the center" & "this is so nakedly political." Krauthammer sneered that it's "hypocritical" & reinforces the image of Dems as the "party that coddles criminals." He claimed that same-day voter registration is an "invitation to fraud". He then went off on a rant about the "lunatic idea" that machines are owned by companies that "lean" GOP, saying that the "problem isn't election reform it's lack of thorazine" which the rest of the panel found amusing. Kondracke said the proposed election/voting reform is "another gift to the base." Liasson again asked why not restore the right to vote, pointing out that other rights (e.g., gun rights) are restored, but was again ignored.

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