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FOX Does Its Best To Disguise The Bad-for-Bush Poll Numbers - Again!

Reported by Ellen - March 4, 2005

FOX News' latest poll has some seriously bad news for Bush. Yet, once again, you have to read the FOX website article pretty darn carefully to find out.

Only 41% of the public thinks that with George W. Bush as president, the world is generally heading in a better direction. While I consider this big news, FOX doesn't mention it in the first five paragraphs which provide an overview of the public's views on terrorism and international threats. Instead, the FOX article buries this fact halfway through the article, at the end of the section called "President Bush's Trip to Europe."

More people have a favorable opinion of Rudy Guiliani (69%) than George W. Bush (54%). This result is not included in the article. You have to look at the actual poll, questions 5-9, to find out.

73% of Americans think it is very important that the US improve relations with European countries (hope you're listening Bill O'Reilly, John Gibson and the rest of the FOX News Europe-bashers). This news is reported, right after the paragraph saying "By a 51 to 28 percent margin, the public thinks President Bush's recent trip abroad achieved the goal of improving U.S. relations with European countries."

A majority of Americans (37%) think the US, not Europe (22%), not both (35%) should be more responsible for taking steps to improve the relationship between the US and Europe (hope you're still listening Bill O'Reilly, John Gibson, et al). This fact was reported right after the ones in the paragraph above.

47% of the public thinks Bush's plan to "include personal accounts" (as the poll put it) as part of Social Security is a bad idea. 40% think it's a good one. In the most outrageous distortion, FOX reports this news, which any legitimate news outlet would call a serious setback for Bush as a close call:

If legislation is passed, the public is divided on whether it should include personal savings accounts. Nearly half of Americans (47 percent) think it is a bad idea to allow people to invest Social Security contributions in personal or private accounts, while almost as many think it is a good idea (40 percent).

Two-thirds of those under age 30 think personal savings accounts are a good idea, as do 46 percent of those ages 30-45. A 56 percent majority of those over age 55 think personal accounts are a bad idea. "It is likely that many politicians will be paying close attention to these demographics as they consider how to proceed with the social security debate," comments (FOX's pollster, Opinion Dynamics Vice-President Lawrence)Shiman.

Comment: Since when is 40 percent "almost as many" as 47 percent? Another example of FOX News' fair and balanced, real journalism.

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