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Definitely A Sow's Ear

Reported by Nancy - March 4, 2005 -

Today (3/4) on FNL, Brigitte Quinn & Fox reporters in the field (Jamie Colby & Rick Leventhal) were beyond snide about one of FNL's favorite targets, Martha Stewart, & Rick Folbaum chimed right in as he filled in for David Asman. With all the attention to Stewart, they barely had time to squeeze in the usual coverage of all things Bush. At least there was no "Asman Observer", but calling this a "hard news" program is like calling a sow's ear a silk purse.

Opening the hour at 11:00am (all times ET) Quinn reported that Martha Stewart was released from prison. Quinn then talked with Rick Leventhal in Alderson WV, Jamie Colby in Katonah NY (who said Stewart "snuck in under cover of darkness" but the media "got a glimpse" of Stewart & her daughter "through a window"), & Joan Jedell (friend of Stewart & editor of The Hampton Sheet). Jedell made the point about how differently women execs like Stewart are treated vs male execs like Ebbers, which was ignored by Quinn.
[Comment: Quinn called the federal prison "Camp Cupcake" again; I'd love to see her call it that after she'd been there for a few days, never mind 5 months. Quinn also sneered that Stewart will resume getting her $900,000 salary that was suspended while she was in jail -- jealous, Brigitte?]
Quinn announced the "big stories" FNL would be following at 11:14am: MStewart (she'll spend the next 5 months under house arrest "but it's a pretty nice house")
Teasers at 11:19am included: MStewart; mayor of Las Vegas; Dan Rather
At 11:47am teasers included MStewart "strolling" around her estate
At 11:54am teasers included MStewart
At 12:00pm Jamie Colby reported that MStewart is "presimably all warm & toasty today"
At 12:03pm Folbaum announced that MStewart's company stock soared this morning
At 12:10pm teasers included MStewart
At 12:25pm noting that MStewart's approval rating is up in a Fox/Opinion Dynamics poll, Folbaum interviewed Christopher Byron (author of "Martha Inc"). Folbaum listed things Stewart will be able to do under house arrest, including collect her monthly salary (which he sneered was "not too shabby").

At 11:10am Quinn showed live pix of Bush in NJ & said he's "demanding" that Syria leave Lebanon. Then Mike Emanuel reported from the White House that Bush gave an interview to the NYPost [comment: without acknowledging that the Post is also owned by FNC's owner, NewsCorp], read some excerpts from that interview & showed a clip of Bush talking about Syria.
At 11:40am teasers included Bush in NJ, "we'll be following the President all day long"
At 11:54am teasers included Bush DEMANDING [emphasis FNL's] Syria out of Lebanon
At 12:08pm Folbaum said that Bush's SocSec "sales pitch" is "only beginning" & Mike Emanuel essentially repeated his earlier report, this time with 2 clips of Bush
At 12:10pm teasers included Bush demanding total pullout -- "are we headed for some kind of showdown?"
At 12:13pm Folbaum interviewed Sen Jon Cornyn (R-TX) re Syria & Lebanon. The interview was entirely predictable. At the end, Folbaum asked what role ("military? supervisory?") the US might have in events in Lebanon, & Cornyn said the "internationall community" should see it as their role "to fill power vaccuums". [Comment: This interview was unusually long for FNL, approx 5 mins. I'd love to see Cornyn justify his assetion about how the "international community" should view their role anywhere, when the reactionaries have been so busy slamming that very community. But then hypocrisy doesn't seem to bother these radicals.]
At 12:40pm teasers included Bush "still deciding" whether to support Euro plan re Iran - "Should he?"
At 12:42pm saying that Bush "might have to actually back" the Euro plan re Iran, Folbaum interviewed Bill Sammon (Washington Times) & PJ Crowley (bannered by FNL as a "national defense official" -- he is a Senior Fellow & Director of National Defense & Homeland Security at the Ctr for American Progress). This interview too was entirely predictable, with Sammons saying that Bush "may have to go along with" the Eur policy but that's good, because then he'll have the "moral high ground to try it his way" & Crowley saying we should use "carrots & sticks" to convince Iran that economic reform is the best means of assuring their long-term stability rather than nuclear weapons.

At 11:15am Jeff Goldblatt repoerted on developments in the Lefkow murders case.
At 11:43am there were live pix of Chicago, waiting for the press conf re Lefkow murders
At 11:54am teasers included Lefkow murders
At 11:58am there was an ALERT re the upcoming Chicago police press conf & Goldblatt reported on what will be announced at the press conf
At 12:18pm there was an ALERT to show viewers the podium at the Chicago Police Dept, waiting for the press conf, which started at 12:19pm. FNL stayed live with this until they started doing Q&A at 12:24pm, then Goldblatt discussed the press conf.
At 12:40pm teasers included Lefkow murders

11:14am - "big stories" included MStewart; RBlake; MJackson
11:38am - RBlake trial
11:38am - police murdered at a farm in Canada
11:38am - Quinn reported that Dan Rather was on Letterman last night discussing his "discredited report" & showed a clip from that program [comment: newsflash for Quinn -- the report is not "discredited", as Rather pointed out in the clip you showed]
11:39am - Oscar Goodman (mayor of Las Vegas) (clip)
11:40am - chimps attack visitors at Animal Haven Ranch in CA
11:44am - Rita Colby did an EXCLUSIVE [their word, not mine] report on Dennis Rader, the accused BTK killer, that included an approving mention that his daughter's DNA was obtained from a sample stored in KA without her or her family's knowledge
11:51 - luxury villas in Mexico with Barbara Corcoran (head of The Corcoran Group, a real estate company in NYC & regular on "Cost of Freedom" on Sat morning on Fox) [comment: Quinn did not mention upfront that Corcoran is a panelist on a Fox financial program, but ended the segment with a plug for "Cost of Freedom/Bulls & Bears"]
12:04pm - Ebbers jury deliberates [comment: the first time I've heard FNL mention this at all; gee, why aren't they covering this trial the way they covered Stewart, Peterson, etc?]
12:04pm - closing arguments in RBlake case
12:05pm - arrests in murder of Coptic Christian family
12:07pm - Pope John Paul II update
12:10pm - car chase in VA
12:30pm - teasers included MJackson; new baby otter
12:32pm - Folbaum & Bob Massi speculated about today's developments in MJackson trial
12:37pm - car chase in VA & Janice Dean weather report
12:39pm - chimps attack people.
12:39pm - dolphins beach themselves in FL Keys
12:39pm - "new ball of fur" at Seattle Aquarium
12:49pm - Steve Harrigan filed an EXCLUSIVE [their word, not mine] report on UN peacekeepers accused of rape in Congo [comment: please see my notes for Special Report earlier this week, where he also filed a series of reports on this topic]. Today Harrigan showed video taken in Goma allegedly showing UN peacekeepers breaking their new curfew [comment: the video was undated].
12:55pm - Sasha, a 3-legged dog, rescued 2yo Mitch Lachance. Folbaum interviewed Mitch, his father, Sasha, & Sasha's owner Gary.

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