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A Listener Tells Alan Colmes FOX News is Indecent

Reported by Ellen - March 3, 2005

Last night, the topic during the second hour of Alan Colmes' FOX News radio show was the suggestion by a group of Republicans that there should be decency standards for cable and satellite programs just as there are for regular broadcasts. Not surprisingly, Colmes was against the idea while some (but not all) of his more conservative callers were for it. However, Tom from Coleman, Alabama, called in during this unscreened portion of the show in support of the idea but not for any of the usual reasons. The reason Tom wanted decency standards is because "We've got Murpert Rudoch (sic) and his Direct TV, one of the biggest smut merchants in America, making money off of it to support idiots like Bill O'Reilly..."

Colmes: But you don't have to watch Bill O'Reilly.

Tom: You have to if you're going to keep up with America.

Colmes: Wait, wait, wait, hold on a second

Tom (voice rising): When FOX News Corp is paying Bill O'Reilly with corporate money to stage boycotts against foreign countries, you have to watch...

Colmes: Wait, wait, wait, hold on... Bill O'Reilly has freedom of speech. (Comment: If everyone with freedom of speech were entitled to their own TV and radio show, everyone in the US would have one)

Tom, very agitated, shouted over Colmes, much of it unintelligible.
"...millions and millions and millions and hundreds of millions of dollars raised from smut to support Bill O'Reilly... And FOX News Corp itself, in a press release, made a press release about Bill O'Reilly's sexual escapades."

Colmes: "Well, look, Sir, you don't have to watch Bill O'Reilly."

Tom: "You have to when he's staging boycotts against foreign countries! Against our own (unintelligible). There's something wrong with that."

Colmes: Can you actually put some saltpeter in your food? Can you calm down for a second?

Tom (not calming down): "Murpert Rudoch is using corporate money to support a boycott of countries who support our war on Terrorism. France supports our war on terrorism."

Colmes: I'm going to cut you off in one second if you don't stop this. Do you want Bill O'Reilly off the air?

Tom: He's gotta be taken off the air... Starts shouting incomprehensibly.

Colmes asked if Murdoch doesn't take Bill O'Reilly off the air, should the government?

Tom kept yelling and - much to my disappointment because I was really enjoying this caller - Colmes hung up.

Hey, Tom, you CAN stop watching Bill O'Reilly because we watch FOX so you don't have to!

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