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Bill Press Leveled Hannity With Some Truth

Reported by Deborah - March 2, 2005

Hannity was filled with conservative righteousness tonight armed with a distorted quote from Robert Byrd making it sound like the Senator had made a Republican/Nazi comparison on the floor of the Senate. Hannity claimed that the mainstream media had ignored the story and if it had been a Republican , it would be covered in every paper.Hannity was full of confidence not realizing that he met his match with Bill Press, who always takes Hannity down with good natured, laser focused, honesty. 3/2/05

Hannity had referred to Senator Byrd as a former Klansman which is the type of nasty behavior that always slides by with Hannity. Tonight Bill Press immediatly made a reference to "the former drunk" in the White House. Then Press agreed with Hannity about about the mainstream media expressing concern that the gay prostitute with press credentials in the White House was not covered.Then without missing a beat, Press corrected Hannity about the distorted Byrd quote telling him that Byrd was actually quoting Alan Bullock.

Hannity tried to intimidate Press with his challenge," Still haven't heard your strong words of condemnation."

Then it was Alan's turn and Press made even more progress revealing with Colmes that Byrd's talk in the Senate was about the Republicans trying to eliminate the filibuster which is absolutely essential to any democracy assuring that minorities have a voice.Colmes and Press just kept going, reporting that 97% of Bush judges had been approved so why are they whining.

Hannity looking very foolish had to get the last word ranting "If it had been Tren Lott..."

Comment: Watching Bill Press handle Hannity was deeply inspiring. It looked so easy and Press seemed so relaxed but it's clear that there's a lesson here for all progressives. I think it was Bill Press's ability to isolate the key facts and bull doze them through with clarity and confidence. At the same time, Press made sure to quickly expose Hannity's distortions and let Hannity know that he wasn't going to hold back. Thanks Bill Press! You made my night.

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