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Psssssst....She's from Canada

Reported by Ellen - March 1, 2005 -

Today on Studio B with Shepard Smith, he spoke with Senior Corespondent, Eric Shawn regarding the Oil for Food Program.

The whole time the segment ran there was a red banner with UN: BLOOD MONEY on the screen.

Apparently Paul Voelker's investigation into the Oil for Food Program had an item (Smith said it was 'buried' on the last page) about the U.N.'s second in command, Louise Frechette, having blocked an internal audit of the Oil for Food Program years earlier.

Turns out that this was the proper 'procedure' up until December, 2004, when the U.N. then changed it. At the time internal audits were not available to member states and Ms. Frechette was following procedure. She doesn't even recall a phone call she allegedly made to supposedly discourage the audit.

Comment: This is no 'breaking news' item. Apparently this is something that was listed on the last page of Paul Voelker's investigation. What was odd was Fox's presentation of the story - mentioning that this non-story was 'buried' on the last page of the investigation, the UN: BLOOD MONEY Banner and the fact that when Eric Shawn discussed Ms. Frechette he kind of said in a conspiratorial manner..'She's from Canada' and acted like this meant something. Was it code for something?

Reported by: Donna