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Uncompassionate Conservatives

Reported by Ellen - February 23, 2005

Cindy and Pat Sheehan, whose son Casey was killed in Iraq last April, were guests during the second hour of Alan Colmes' radio show last night (2/22/05). The grief was evident in their voices as they spoke from their hearts about their opposition to the Iraq war and the conduct of Bush and Rumsfeld toward the troops. I almost cried listening to them and Colmes was also obviously affected by their story. At the end of the segment, he said, "I know I echo the sentiments from our audience when we express - it almost sounds redundant - our sympathy for your loss." Unfortunately, he was wrong. Much of the FOX listening audience was not moved by the Sheehans but angry that they dared to speak out against the war and that Colmes would allow them to do so on national radio.

The first caller after the interview was Chris in Dallas. He was clearly annoyed when he asked, "Did we just have an election about this kind of nonsense? If we wanted that kind of stuff, we could have elected Howard Dean... These are talking points from Howard Dean... Tell me one thing that is different than what Howard Dean said." Derisively, he mimicked, "I support the troops, I don't support the mission."

Colmes, astounded at Chris' insensitivity said, "They lost their son."

Chris: So what?

Next caller: Todd in Asheville, NC - "I feel terrible for the parents... but, Alan, just sitting here listening to them talk, I just wonder who in the Democratic Party - how'd they get their organization (Gold Star Families for Peace) started?... Everything she said... that was out of the Democratic talking points."

Fortunately, Sheila from Dallas, a truly compassionate conservative, was next. She said, "I know one thing that family said that was different than Howard Dean. They said their son went to Iraq and two weeks later came home in a coffin."

But Sheila was in the minority. The caller after her also seemed offended by the Sheehans. He said that Muslims had declared a holy war on the US and that Saddam Hussein was a weapon of mass destruction. Colmes, despite being hoarse, yelled that was an outrage.

Next Alan read an email from John in Tampa, who was so incensed he claimed he was going to contact his local radio station to ask them to take Colmes off the air. "I listened for a few minutes for as long as I could stomach... Putting a grieving family on radio to denounce America and the war in Iraq is a poor way of making your point... Something you Marxist twits need to get straight... You happen to be one of the most rude talk show hosts I've ever had the misfortune to listen to. (Comment: Has John never heard O'Reilly or Hannity? They make Colmes look like Emily Post) So typical of the Marxist American left." Comment: At least John didn't report Colmes to Homeland Security as some of our trolls claimed to have done to me today!

Next was one anti-war person, angry at all the conservative comments. He was the only liberal to call in.

The next caller said the Sheehans were "demoralizing" to the troops. "I'm extremely uncomfortable with that you give time (to) or glorify the anti-war segment."

Finally, one caller was full of righteous, well-deserved indignation. Normally, I hate shouting but in this case it was warranted. The caller yelled, "These two people lost their son in a war. They don't have a right to come on the program and talk about that? They don't have the right to have an opinion? ...I support the troops and the mission but unless you've ever had a child go over there or unless you've been there... You don't understand. You don't understand the grief that these people have been through and damned right they've got a right to be heard. You don't have to agree with them. I don't agree with anything they said but I'm glad, Alan, that you at least put them on the air, gave them the privilege to be heard and that's what America is about."


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