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Memogate/ Rove and Hannity/Gannon

Reported by Deborah - February 23, 2005

Hannity went after Maurice Hinchey,on H&C, for suggesting that Karl Rove orchestrated the Memogate story demanding he provide proof or apologize. Hannity was out for blood ,badgering Hinchey with his machine gun questions.
"Where is your proof sir?"
"What evidence do you have?"
"Without evidence..conspiracy to bring down a network?"

Hinchey began talking about Karl Rove's history of dirty tricks from 1970 to the present and Hannity's mocking laughter could be heard in the background.Were Hannity's anxious theatrics related to the recent connections made between Hannity and Jeff Gannon?

Colmes took his turn and responding to Hannity's mutterings about circumstantial evidence, Colmes said, "Scott Peterson was convicted on circumstantial evidence. Then Colmes mentioned the Armstrong Williams scandal suggesting that Hinchey's allegations weren't hard to believe.

Hinchey made a very eloquent comment about the recent manipulation of the media by the White House adding that allowing propaganda erodes the American system. Hinchey was very strong and confident about the integrity of his message.

Colmes made a quick reference to Gannon without offering any details about the story but Hinchey grabbed the ball and started to relate the story. Of course, the time was up.

This weekend I reported that Gannon had bragged that he gave Hannity a tip about the Killian Memos being false on September 7. At some point after that Hannity told his radio audience that there would be important news coming out on the Rather/CBS story. On September 10, Hannity started a campaign on H&C to discredit the Killian memos.

Ammy Barnes, Ben Barnes daughter, was convinced by Hannity to give an interview about her Father on his radio show and H&C on September 10th. Ben Barnes had just come out with a book claiming that he had gotten Bush into the Texas National Guard. Amy betrayed her Father suggesting that he could not be trusted since he was a politician, like Bill Clinton. Amy Barnes, revealed on H&C, that her Father was really upset about what she had done and you could hear her voice shaking on the phone. On the same show, Hannity had Killian's son telling viewers that his Father totally respected Bush and therefore the Killian memos were false.

Recently, Hannity had an exclusive interview with Karl Rove which is no easy feat. Hannity also got exclusives with Bush,Cheney and Poppa Bush indicating some type of close link to the White House. During the interview with Rove, Hannity brought up Memogate reminding Rove of his part in exposing the memos that Hannity claimed could have changes the outcome of the election.

comment: Of course all of this is circumstantial and there is no hard proof that Gannon's link is Karl Rove. There is no proof that Hannity's role in Memogate went beyond being a good foot soldier finding dubious witnesses to diecredit CBS and Dan Rather. Nevertheless, the fact that Hannity took tips from Gannon has been established even though the rest of the evidence is circumstantial
for now, at least.

I haven't seem Hannity this high strung since the days before the election when the polls were tilting to Kerry. The same kind of erratic anger and unrelenting vicious verbal abuse was expressed with all the guests. Something is going on for sure.

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