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The New Scott Peterson

Reported by Nancy - February 22, 2005 -

FNL today (2/22) obviously thinks they've found the next Scott Peterson brouhaha in the case of missing Lisa Underwood & her son Jayden, even to using the same theme music. They were, however, emotionally torn among 3 "major stories": Underwood, Michael Jackson & Bush in Europe. They resolved the dilemma in typical FNL fashion: short quick blurbs interspersed with endless bloviating from guests & opinions from Fox staff. For eye candy, they showed lots of video of CA mudslides.

1) Underwood
When I tuned in at 10:58am (all times ET) they were in the midst of ALERT re Lisa Underwood & her son, with Patty Ann Browne announcing that police would hold a press conf At 10:59am Phil Keating in Ft Worth reported that he was waiting for the police press conf & repeated some rumors, focusing on Stephen Barbee, with emphasis on the idea that he's "facing multiple counts of capital murder."

At 11:08am FNL interrupted an interview about Michael Jackson to go live to the Ft Worth police press conf, & stayed with that until it ended at 11:15am, at which point Asman said that a "lotta questions went unanswered" & gloated that Fox knew some of the answers the police apparently didn't [comment: the police spokesman, in fact, responded to a lot of the questions asked by saying he couldn't comment, not that he didn't know[. Then at 11:16am Keating repeated some of the info from the press conf & some of the speculation swirling around. At 12:14pm Keating essentially repeated the same info.

At 12:41pm there was an ALERT ("not absolutely confirmed") that Underwood's & her son's bodies had been found. After Asman bloviated for a while, at 12:43pm Phil Keating reported the same info. His report was eventually interrupted so Asman could interview, by phone, Laura Oates, a sobbing & relatively incoherent neighbor of Underwood who didn't know much but eulogized Underwood & her son. At 12:51pm, Keating resumed his report, with video of Barbee's "perp walk".

Additional teasers about Underwood were aired at 11:19, 11:42, 11:49, 11:59 & 12:57.

2) Jackson - I had previously promised I wouldn't detail all the MJackson coverage. Here's just the summary:
11:06 - ALERT - video of MJackson arriving at court PAB
11:07 - Asman interviewed Jim Hammer re MJackson
11:45 - Asman interviewed Rabbi Shmuley Boteach ("former spiritual adviser")
Additional teasers about Jackson were aired at 11:19; 11:42, 11:59, 12:12, 12:18

3) weather (eye candy dept)
11:30 - ALERT - video of flooding in SoCal
11:40 - ALERT - mudslide potential in CA - Asman said it "looks like someplace in Central America"
11:45 - ALERT - "more dramatic video" from CA mudslides
11:52 - video of mudslide
12:09 - Anita Vogel from Sun Valley re mudslides & storms
Additional teasers for mudslides aired at 11:26, 11:56 & 11:59.

FNL's treatment of George & Laura's excellent European adventure was so overwhelmingly slanted & so nauseatingly sycophantic, I'm working on a separate entry for that.

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