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A Feel Bad Message To Our Troops Courtesy of Hannity & FNC

Reported by Deborah - February 22, 2005

Rob Jacobs joined Hannity on H&C to complain about letters his son, stationed in Korea, recieved from a 6th grade class from Brooklyn. Jacobs started the segment with this announcement.

"My son is very excited about Fox. Fox News provides all its services for the armed services for nothing." 2/22/05

Jacobs would not say what his Son thought about the letters saying,
"My son asked me not to characterize his reaction."

Hannity said that he read the letters and he didn't believe it was the views of the kids expressed adding that it was "the moral equivalent of spitting in their (troops) faces."Hannity accused the school of indoctrinating the students claiming that the teacher's apology wasn't enough. Jacobs demanded the school board give him a guarantee that it never happen again calling it outrageous.

It seems that some of the kids expressed regret about the necessity of war and claimed they were sorry that people had to be killed. A Muslim student although appreciative of the troops defense felt badly that Muslims were killed and Mosques were involved.

Colmes took his turn claiming that he did not see anything wrong with the letters because all the kids were supportive, complimentary and appreciative of the troops.Colmes claimed that the letters were 80% positive and every letter had something nice to say.

Jacobs said he didn't buy their nice words. He claimed that they had no right to express any feelings about the war and especially not disagree with it saying that the kids were giving comfort to the enemy.Jacobs was extremely angry as if his son had been harmed beyond redemption by these letters.

Comment: What right does Hannity have to promote this distorted story knowing that our troops are watching it courtesy of Fox News? These kids were not trying to insult Jacobs son. They were offering their support and expressing their conflicts about the situation. Hannity distorted it to further his own agenda without taking the feelings of the troops into account. If Hannity really cared about supporting our troops, he would either drop the story or put a positive spin on it. In fact, Hannity was the one spitting in the troops faces tonight.

As a teacher, I can tell you that teaching young kids about the realities of war is a daunting task. We can't pretend it's not happening and the kids want to understand it. I can assure you that my kids are anguished by the entire concept of war and have a really hard time understanding why people kill each other because they disagree.We raise them to reject violence and value human life and then we must make them accept without question the brutality of war.Hannity claims that the 6th graders could not have the views expressed in the letters and I can say that my 4th graders have astounded me with their questions and insights about this war.

Rob Jacobs was so concerned about these young kids insulting his son but I say, why should the soldiers be offended by the conflicts these kids expressed. They are saying we think what you're doing is wonderful and brave but we feel badly that you're forced to kill people to defend us. What is wrong with that? Also, if the soldiers decided to write back to these kids to help them understand and to share their own conflicts, wouldn't that be a fine thing for everyone. I say that these kids honored our troops with their letters far more than Hannity and Fox did by running this story.

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