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Asman Opens Mouth, Inserts Foot

Reported by Nancy - February 21, 2005 -

Awww, David Asman didn't have time for his "Asman Observer" segment on FNL today (2/21). Somebody with relatively good sense must of have realized he was on a roll with absolutely lame statements, & cut him off before he made an even bigger fool of himself. He had some competition in that department from Bret Baier.

My personal fave occured during a couple of repeated ALERTs.about Lisa Underwood & her son Jayden, missing near Denton TX. At 12:37pm (all times ET), while Asman was showing pix of Jayden & giving background info about the situation, it became clear that the hoopla is not over Jayden, but over his mom, who is 7 months pregnant. Asman repeated the ALERT at 12:45pm, 12:49pm & 12:53pm. During the latter two ALERTs, while showing Underwood's abandoned car, Asman excitedly claimed "We have now found the car!" -- but by the time he repeated it (yet again) at 12:56pm, that had been toned down to "The car has been found."

Curiously, at 12:39pm, there was also an ALERT to announce that there was an Amber Alert for a Springfield FL mom, Angela Howard, who is thought to have abducted her 2 young sons. FNL wasn't nearly as concerned about the fate of these 2 kids. [Comment: For FNL, as for most of the radical reactionaries, a 7-month fetus trumps 2 living kids every time.]

Of course, Bret Baier added his own particular brand of silliness to the mix. At 12:32pm, reporting on how Iraqi forces "had a very successful weekend", complete with a curfew & checkpoints in Ramadi, Baier said they had captured a "suspected foreign bomb maker" in Mosul. The evidence? He had an Egyptian passport, & tested positive for gunpowder residue on hands. [Comment: Anybody wanna guess how many people within 100 miles of Mosul have traces of gunpowder residue on their hands? Not including US military or "contractors", of course.]

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