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After a Lineup Like This, I'm Relieved it's Friday

Reported by Melanie - February 18, 2005

Your World w/Neil Cavuto was again short on business and long on pushing the Bush agenda today (February 19, 2005). Fox couldn't go wrong with a who's who list of conservative guests like:

--Columnist Charles Krauthammer, on Bush's European trip. (Media Matters has documented some of the "work" Krauthammer has been doing for the Bush administration.) Krauthammer appeared opposite Bob Beckel, a "Democratic strategist," a very moderate Democrat, and the only "balancing guest" on the show. (In order to balance this conservative crowd, someone like Fidel Castro should have been a guest.)

--Former Solicitor General Ted Olson (appeared alone) on Internet music piracy and the Supreme Court. Here's a bit about Olson from Demopedia at Democratic Underground.

--Art Linkletter (appeared alone), National Chairman of the conservative group USA Next, formerly known as United Seniors, the place to go if you're "tired of the AARP's liberal games." Linkletter praised private Social Security accounts and criticized AARP ("the largest liberal organization in the country"). Here's a bit about USA Next from the Center for Media and Democracy. Linkletter was a guest on Your World as recently as February 8, 2005, and he was a guest last night on Hannity & Colmes.

--Right wing guru Grover Norquist (appeared alone), president of Americans for Tax Reform. Norquist praised Bush's drive to revamp Social Security. Here's a short bio from the Center for Media and Democracy.

Comment: I know posts like this aren't particularly exciting. The reason I post them though is to help illustrate how devious Fox News is. The reason Fox is so dangerous is because it deceives the viewing public by using names like "Fox & Friends," or "Your World w/Neil Cavuto," and then proceeding to dish out the propaganda under cover of the innocuous title. Viewers are slowly inculcated with Fox's conservative views yet they insist they're watching the fairest "news" on television. (You should read some of the emails we get.) Cavuto's show is a perfect example of that. Supposedly it's a business show but look at the lineup. Days can pass without any "news" about the closing numbers on Wall Street other than a three-second graphic shown at the end of a commercial break.

Your World w/Neil Cavuto evidently slips in enough "business" to fool those who decide whether a company is practicing false advertising, but in my opinion, the "business" of the show is advancing right wing propaganda, not discussing stocks and bonds.

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