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Academic Jihad - FOX News Gone Wild

Reported by Ellen - February 18, 2005 -

Just in time for Spring Break, FOX News has gone wild with a full-out assault on academics and schools.

As reported by Deborah yesterday, Hannity & Colmes dug up the next Ward Churchill in the guise of Francisco Gil-White, associate professor at the University of Pennsylvania. According to Deborah, Gil-White's "crime" is that he claimed 9/11 was an inside job. I caught a piece of that segment at my gym but didn't bother to plug my earphones into that station. I did, however, see "The Next Ward Churchill" flash across the screen at one point. Don't tell me FOX wasn't looking for him.

After I got home, it was time to tune into Alan Colmes' FOX News radio program. One of his guests was Bruce Shortt, author of "The Harsh Truth About Public Schools." A quick search on the web landed this interesting quote about his book:

Bruce Shortt shows why the public schools are increasingly no longer suitable for Christian children--and why they are not likely to be reformed, owing to the teachers' unions and other secularist influences. We should stop treating the public schools as ends in themselves that always have to be "preserved." They are means, not ends; and when we discover that they no longer work, we should try something else. The book is quite readable and I hope it will find the audience it deserves. The subject matter is vast; yet it covers much of the salient material in ways which ought to open some eyes. --Kenneth D. Whitehead, former Assistant Secretary of Education for Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush.

Fortunately, Shortt appeared with FOX News contributor Ellen Ratner and she and Colmes easily outargued Shortt. Even after a full hour, Shortt never did explain clearly exactly what kind of anti-Christian, far-left bias is to be found in public schools.

During commercials, I found an article on FOXNews.com called Pols Want to Ban Political Bias at Colleges. In one of the most blatant pieces of calling the kettle black, the FOX video opens by saying that a certain college professor (sorry, didn't catch the name) "doesn't think a classroom is the place to play politics."

According to the website article, "several Ohio state lawmakers want to pass legislation that they argue is needed to ban political bias on college campuses." Only one lawmaker, Ohio GOP State Sen. Larry Mumper, is quoted in the print article. FOX says that "According to Mumper, professors in the Buckeye State are discriminating against students who don't hold the same political views, and the bias is usually a liberal one." How are students discriminated against? What evidence does Mumper have that this is happening? "Real journalism" FOX doesn't bother to say. They just tell us that Mumper "points to a recent study by a Santa Clara University researcher that found Democrats outnumber Republicans eight to one among social science and humanities faculty as evidence of the left slant."

Horrors!!!! What about the other disciplines? No mention from FOX about that. Why is being a Democrat an automatic indication of "left slanted" discrimination? We're not told that either.

Comment: It seems that FOX's version of freedom is similar to Bush's version of bi-partisanship - everyone should do everything their way. Anything else is biased, unfair and un-American.