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The RNC Owes Fox News Ad Money for This Hour

Reported by Melanie - February 17, 2005

Your World w/Neil Cavuto, was pretty darn unfair and unbalanced today (February 17, 2005). It was heavy with pro-Bush propaganda and "the king of cable business news" (as a new Fox ad says) put on a show light on "business" and on "news." The Federal Election Commission might want to get involved here because it looks like the Republican party owes Fox News big bucks for the advertising.

This was today's lineup on the "number one business show on the planet:"

--Report on an information theft from ChoicePoint (a credit agency-type company) which may pose identity-theft problems for some 140,000 customers.

--Report on the appointment of John Negroponte as director of national intelligence.

--Harvey Kushner, author of Holy War on the Home Front: The Secret Islamic Terror Network in the United States (Sentinel, 2004), on "the financially daunting task" that lies ahead of Negroponte. At the end of his interview Kusher did a little fear mongering about the imminence of another terror attack.

--News break.

--Under the title, "Politics of Business - Business of Politics" (Fox can at least pretend this is actually a business show), and a segment logo showing a picture of Dean making the "Dean scream," guest Bill Bennett gave his assessment of Dean as Chair of the DNC. "Scrappy," "sparky," "smart," "courageous," a "good debater." Bad temper. He shouldn't have said "I hate Republicans." "He's a liberal." He might lead Democrats "off a cliff."

--Fox Stox.

--Rep. Sue Myrick (R-NC), on her work to vote against, and hold down, government spending. She's optimistic that Bush will veto some spending bills this term.

--News break.

--Treasury Secretary John Snow selling private Social Security accounts.

--John Vogel, the founder of The Vanguard Group (a mutual fund company) selling private Social Security accounts (he could make a bundle under privatization so of course he's excited).

--Bill Simon, Republican, former California gubernatorial candidate, and a driving force behind the Gray Davis recall, on how California's state pension system is going broke and is breaking the state (scare people into being in favor of private Social Security accounts).

--Report on the Bernie Ebbers (Worldcom) trial.

--Report on Scott Sullivan, former Worldcom employee who is the "star witness" against Ebbers.


--"Common Sense," also about fixing Social Security. (People who want the rich to fix "sorry social programs" like Social Security are "pigs at the trough." One of Cavuto's most vicious "Common Sense" segments ever. I'll post about it separately.)

Comment: Per Bloomberg, "An NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll released yesterday [February 16, 2005] showed 51 percent of those surveyed considered it a bad idea to let workers invest Social Security payroll taxes in the stock market; 40 percent favored the idea." It looks like Fox News stepped up to the plate to try and get those numbers up! Oh, and hey, RNC, put that check in the mail (or do you and Fox have other arrangements?).

(My husband came home today and said, "The Dow went down 80 points today. Do you know why?" I said, "No I don't. I watched Cavuto.")

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