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Neil Cavuto: SS is for "Pigs at the Trough"

Reported by Melanie - February 17, 2005

This is what Fox News's Neil Cavuto (Your World w/Neil Cavuto) said today (February 17, 2005) during the "Common Sense" segment of his show about raising the income cap (now at $90,000) on Social Security taxes:

"Alright. I can already see the emails coming on this one so bring'em on because I'm about to stick up for a group that hardly needs any support, or money, or connections. They've got plenty. Plenty of both. I'm talking about the rich. The well-to-do.

"Often maligned for doing good, we go after the rich to pay for things gone bad. Like Social Security. It desperately needs dough, so naturally go after the guys who have the dough. Maybe hike the $90,000 threshold and wham-bam thank you ma'am, problems are solved. Like the state of New Jersey. The state can't stop spending so tap the rich folks who live there to keep the boondoggles coming.

"Time and again when things are broke we rely on the rich to fix them. Never mind they pay the most in taxes. They pay more as a group after the Bush tax cuts than they did before. They got it, so give it. And never mind the fact that the top 1% in this country pay a third of the taxes in this country or that the top 5% pay more than half the taxes in this country. They can, they do, they will.

"What worries me isn't the ridiculous class warfare game here, but the real sin here. If you dump some sorry social program on the rich, you're not fixing that sorry social program. You're just finding a sugar daddy to keep it going. Only in America can the politicians blast the guys who pay for the pigs at the trough, never admitting that there are any pigs at the trough. Look, I'm not even saying that you have to tell the rich thank you, but I think they're due something a tad better than a screw you." (Cavuto's emphasis.)

Comment: I'm stunned. All I can think to say is: cavuto@foxnews.com

UPDATE: February 18, 2005. The day after. While reading email reaction to this segment, Cavuto said: "What's despicable are politicians and bureaucrats who foist broken and bloated boondoggle programs and expect the rich to keep paying for them. They're the pigs at the trough, not the hard working Americans who get Social Security, of which I include more than a few members of my own family."

Comment: This is one of the lamest efforts at spin I've seen in a long time, Neil, and I don't buy it for one second.

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