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I Feel Safer, Don't You?

Reported by Ellen - February 17, 2005

Yesterday, on Studio B with Shepard Smith, he spoke about new threats to Homeland Security. He went to Catherine Herridge in Washington who said that the two heads of the FBI and CIA met with the Intel Senate Panel regarding Homeland Security.

Herridge reported that CIA director Porter Goss said the bottom line was that we are dealing with a 'thinking enemy' and that Al Qaeda is actively seeking to strike within the U.S., despite the defenses that are now in place. (Comment: What defenses? Would that be the color code or the 'weak' port security, or the 'weak' protection of our nuclear power plants that they are always speaking about? Oh, I know - it's the 'weak' border security)

Goss told the Senate Panel that it was only a matter of time before Al Qaeda or other groups attempt to use biological, chemical, radiological or nuclear weapons against the U.S.

FBI Director, Robert Mueller, said there was a limited threat of a coordinated terrorist attack from terrorist organizations such as Hamas, The Palestine or Islamic Jihad.

Goss added that he had no idea if the unaccounted-for nuclear material that is missing from Russia is in the hands of terrorists. To end it, he said that Iran still had Al Qaeda operatives.

Comment: Well, I feel safer, don't you? Sounds to me like all of the intelligence that we have out there still cannot come up with any specific threats. So, is this a 'blanket statement' to cover all terrorists groups, just in case an attack happens? Or is this the old fear tactic - to keep the masses afraid? Do you think President Bush made this a safer nation, or are there now 'more' terrorists groups out there planning on attacking the U.S. on their own land since we've been at war with Iraq?

We report, you decide.......

Reported by: Donna

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