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FOX News Callers Complain About Hume's Social Security Distortions

Reported by Ellen - February 17, 2005 -

As my colleague, Melanie, has reported, Brit Hume distorted FDR's words in an apparent effort to make it sound as though he supported privatized Social Security. We, the News Hounds, join Air America's Al Franken in urging readers to demand that Hume apologize for and retract his misstatement. Tonight, I was glad to note that three different callers called Alan Colmes' FOX News radio program to complain about Hume's distortions. Given the large conservative audience of Colmes' show, I thought that a significant number.

Unfortunately, Colmes ducked the issue, which I understand could be a thorny one for him, but I wished he would have simply said he couldn't comment on what Hume said, not having heard it. Instead, Colmes took issue with the first caller for having read Hume's remarks (not having heard them on TV) on "liberal websites" such as www.airamericaradio.com and mediamatters.org Comment: For as long as I can remember, Alan's page on the FOXNews.com website has listed mediamatters.org under "Favorite Links." So he must think there is more to mediamatters than just a lot of liberal propaganda.

Colmes might be interested to know that FDR's grandson, James Roosevelt, Jr., who was a recent guest on Colmes' radio show, has also joined the outcry against Hume's remarks. To quote the transcript on Media Matters' website: James Roosevelt, Jr. said on the 2/15/05 edition of MSNBC's Countdown with Keith Olbermann, "(Hume) rearranged those sentences in an outrageous distortion, one that really calls for a retraction, an apology, maybe even a resignation."

Comment: It really is outrageous that the same network that leveled constant criticism toward CBS for the "Memogate" story, refuses to issue even a retraction when their own anchor is caught in a "glass house." Contact FOX News and tell them a truly fair and balanced network doesn't allow its news anchor to distort the truth on behalf of the president.