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David Horowitz Takes Pot Shots at Ward Churchill, U of Colorado and OUTFOXED

Reported by Marie Therese - February 17, 2005

On The O'Reilly Factor that aired on February 15, 2005 guest David Horowitz, conservative know-it-all, had some choice things to say about a lot of things: Ward Churchill, Ethnic Studies, the University of Colorado at Boulder, OUTFOXED, radical feminist teachers, etc., etc. The confluence of O'Reilly's bloviating and Horowitz's bombast made for a plethora of hot air!

O'Reilly: The University of Oregon is the latest college to cancel a talk by radical professor Ward Churchill and last night (2/14/05) at Churchill's school, the University of Colorado, conservative David Horowitz addressed the issue, but this morning the Denver Post and the more conservative Rocky Mountain News said "Horowitz ... told a crowd of about 100 students that it would be a mistake to fire [Churchill]." (O'Reilly laughs.) Wow! Joining us from Washington is David Horowitz, the editor of Front Page Magazine and the author of "Unholy Alliance: Radical Islam and the American Left."

It's pretty funny. Denver - one of the few two-newspaper towns in the country - and you have you speaking in front of a Republican group. Ya' got the two newspaper reporters diametrically opposed to what you said. What did you say?

HOROWITZ: What I said was this. That you can't fire some professor or anybody working in a state institution for opinions they put on the internet, because they have citizenship rights. But, I said Ward Churchill - this is a man who teaches his - all his books really are about America being a genocidal nation, worse than Hitler. That's why everybody in the World Trade Center's a ‘little eichmann.'

[COMMENT: Churchill has said that the term ‘little eichmanns' did not apply to those working the everyday jobs at the WTC, but only to the ‘technocrats' on cell phones who wheel and deal war. For a recent interview with the professor, click here: Boulder Weekly.]

HOROWITZ: But, if you look at the real world, if it were true that America was conducting genocide against brown people and black people, why do all those Mexicans want to come here? You know, why are there Haitians tryin' to get into the United States? It shows utter contempt for them. This guy is not controversial. He certifiable. This is lunatic. That's when I said he's a kook and a loon, and the situation at the University is out of control.

O'Reilly: Alright. So the Denver Post then didn't report it accurately?

HOROWITZ: No! No, no, the ...

O'Reilly: Alright. So the leftie newspapers hammered you ...

HOROWITZ: I wanted - I think he should be fired for impersonating an Indian. Look, there were three Indians who didn't get the job. He has no qualifications for teaching ethnic studies ...

O'Reilly: Alright. So you said freedom of speech shouldn't be the reason he gets the boot, but, if he was - ummm - if he had a fraudulent resume, that's another matter?

HOROWITZ: That's exactly right.

O'Reilly: Alright.

HOROWITZ: However, I said they should put the whole Ethnic Studies Department on probation and condu - they need to get an outside audit of that University and look at their hiring, promotion, tenure practices.

O'Reilly: Oh, absolutely. It's a radical campus, is it not?

HOROWITZ: It - a very, very ra - I met with these twelve College Republicans before my speech. I asked them ‘How many of you in a class have had a - these were majors in engineering, in political science, you know, various subjects like that - how many of you have had a professor rant against the war in Iraq and George Bush in a class? Every single one of them held up their hands. Then they started telling me that they've all seen OUTFOXED, this extreme left-wing attack on the FOX News Network.

[Correction, Mr. Horowitz, a highly researched expose of the FOX News CHANNEL! As for the showing of OUTFOXED, generally institutions of higher learning like to show off the work of their alumni. One of the people who worked on OUTFOXED attended CU. It should come as no surprise that the school would schedule a showing of the documentary!]

HOROWITZ: And one of their teachers - and this would be in a sociology course, in a women's studies course - one of their teachers, you know, said "I hate FOX and I hate Bill O'Reilly" and that's - these are very - they're radical!

O'Reilly: Right!

HOROWITZ: I went through 19 years of school, right through the M.A. - I never in one single class one time ever heard a professor make a political speech or political remark even. Uh - that ...

O'Reilly: Alright. Well, we know Boulder's radicalized and we know that that is the genesis of this problem, that they would go out and recruit somebody like Ward CHurchill, who - like him or not - I mean, this guy isn't subtle. I mean, you know what you're gettin' here. He doesn't like the country. He doesn't like anything about it. Now, the Board of Regents is going to, I think, probably boot the guy, but you don't see it that way, huh?

HOROWITZ: Well, I, I, I think it's a close - at this point it's very close. A lot of it depends on what the rest of the country says and what the people in COlorado - I met with high officials at the University and in the government there and I think there's plenty of appetite for, you know, doing a thoroughgoing analysis of what's going on here. They've already lost $12 to $15 million. There are a thousand less enrollments at the University and 40% of those are out-of-state. That's $30,000 a year for out-of-state.

O'Reilly: Yeah!

HOROWITZ: It's because parents don't want to subject their kids to this.

[COMMENT: There are more students world-wide than spaces in American colleges. The peak of the American children of the baby boom generation will be in 2010. Twenty years ago an extremely wealthy Asian mother of two of my students told me that in Asia they have not built many universities, but put their money into primary and secondary schools. The average Asian student goes to school half day on Saturdays and does not get two months a year off - plus vacations. I don't think the University of Colorado will have to worry about out-of-state applications once the Pacific Rim parents hear about these openings. I went to Horowitz's website and did 30 minutes worth of Google searches but can't find any documentation for his figures, other than a note at the CU admissions office that there are still openings for Summer and Fall 2005! If anyone can find the exact documentation by Horowitz, please post it in a comment. Thanks.]

O'Reilly (overtalks the last 5 words): And, the alumni - the alumni is gonna exact a price, too. Ya' can't really have something like this ...


O'Reilly: ... and not pay a price. Alright, David. And you were treated OK there, right? Nobody gave you a hard time?

HOROWITZ: I was, I was treated very respectfully.

O'Reilly: Well, that's good.

HOROWITZ: ‘Cause it was Valentine's Day!

O'Reilly: Alright, David Horowitz. Thanks very much as always.


Please take a minute - if you have not already done so - to write to each of the members of the University of Colorado Board of Regents to express your support for academic freedom and to protest the witch hunt that O'Reilly's embarked upon. Hounding people out of office and out of jobs has become O'Reilly's New American Sport! We especially need our Colorado readers to write! Thanks in advance!


D= Democrat

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