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Look Out - Eliot Spitzer's One of THEM!

Reported by Melanie - February 16, 2005

Neil Cavuto played to Fox's "base" today (February 16, 2005) at the conclusion of a two-part interview with New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer on Your World w/Neil Cavuto.

Cavuto had long been trying to get Spitzer to appear on his show. Angered by his lack of success, Cavuto sicced his audience on Spitzer's office during a January 31, 2005 "Common Sense" segment. (Cavuto seems to have learned a thing or two from Bill O'Reilly's use of the hate-mail lynch mob.) The tactic obviously worked because Spitzer granted Cavuto a fairly long interview which Fox aired in two parts, one yesterday and one today.

Cavuto was quite polite, he didn't interrupt Spitzer and Spitzer was confident and extremely articulate. I thought the interview went well...maybe too well. Maybe Fox had to make sure that their viewers didn't think too highly of Eliot Spitzer. Spitzer is a Democrat and has made no secret of the fact that he will likely run for governor of New York and that his political ambition reaches higher even than that. Hey, what better time than the present to start painting a negative picture of him?

To set this up, you need to know that last summer and fall, during the presidential campaign, Fox News devoted quite a lot of time to bashing actors, singers and musicians, and labeling the whole group, "Hollywood." "Hollywood" was portrayed as a dark, immoral place, filled with liberal, egocentric, unpatriotic hedonists. Whenever someone from "Hollywood" endorsed John Kerry or appeared with or for John Kerry, Fox made a point of showing clips of the person from "Hollywood," while at the same time saying that nobody cares what "Hollywood" thinks. Bruce Springsteen was one of the "Hollywood" people. Fox paid attention to him because Springsteen-from-"Hollywood" endorsed that New England, pointy-headed, elite, liberal, flip-flopper John Kerry. There was obviously something wrong with Bruce Springsteen. He was one of THEM!

At the end of the Spitzer interview, Cavuto asked Spitzer: "One personal question sir. I realize that you're a big Bruce Springsteen fan. I didn't know the degree to which you're a big Bruce Springsteen fan. What do you like about him?" (Cavuto's emphasis.)

Spitzer said he has been a fan since college, he loves Springsteen's passion, he "speaks from the heart." Spitzer said he has almost all of Springsteen's albums and that he's been "to a whole bunch" of his concerts.

Cavuto again: "He was involved, as you know, sir, in the campaign last year, to little avail..."

Spitzer: "I don't know. If he'd given a few more concerts, who knows, maybe John would have gotten over the top. If Bruce had been the candidate, I bet he would have won."

Cavuto: "Well, maybe you're right."

For the loyal Fox viewer, the message was loud and clear: Spitzer's one of THEM too!

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