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"Some" Equals "One" On Fox News Live

Reported by Nancy - February 14, 2005 -

That classic Fox circumlocution, "some," turns out to be "one" today (2/14) on FNL. FNL, rather than celebrating Black History Month with a positive report or segment, repeatedly emphasized that "some" blacks are "boycotting" it. The "some" they came up with turned out to be one Dallas City Commissioner, but they gave him free air time (twice). And, after a week of ignoring Jose Canseco's allegations about drug abuse in major league baseball, FNL finally got around to "mentioning" it -- not discussing or analyzing it, just a couple of brief, off-hand references.

On the topic of Black History Month:
*At 11:12am (all times ET) teasers: MJackson; backlash among "some black scholars" against Black History month [comment: no black scholar was ever revealed, just a single black Dallas politician]
*At 11:27am teasers included: "some African-American leaders" trying to make a point by not making appearances during Black History Month - "find out what they've got against it"
*Finally, at 11:37am, Phil Keating reported from Dallas on a "personal boycott" of Black History Month being conducted by Dallas City Commissioner John Wiley Price. There was a clip of Price explaining why he's doing it (short version: he objects to "condensing" it all into one 4-week period) & a clip of Bob Lydia who is pro-Black History Month [comment: my cable provider chose to run its monthly system test just as the latter clip began, so my tape merely shows their "test" screen for a few seconds & I did not see his name displayed on screen. If I spelled Bob Lydia's name wrong, I apologize.]
*At 12:43pm teasers included: "some African-Americans are choosing to boycott" Black History Month
*At 12:45pm David Asman said that "some" are "fed up" with Black History Month, to intro Phil Keating, who essentially repeated his earlier report, adding that Price is part of a "small but growing backlash."
[Comment: Check out Price's web page. I find it curious that a man who would "boycott" Black History Month would agree to appear on national TV during that month simply to air his discontent. If he really wants black history to be considered just part of American history, why not make that point during the 11 other months of the year? Anyone care to speculate why FNL chose to highlight the "boycott" of Black History Month rather than doing something positive?]

On the topic of Canseco's allegations:
*At 11:14am "tops" included: Jose Canseco re steroid use
*At 11:19am teasers included: JCanseco
*At 11:27am teasers included: JCanseco;
*At 11:36am Asman showed a clip of Canseco's appearance on "60 Minutes".
[Comment: Hmm. Why wasn't FNL all over this last week? Could it be that the allegations strike (no pun intended) too close to home for a certain former manager of a certain Texas baseball team?]

Buried in the promo for "Dayside with Linda Vester" at 12:38pm was a wonderful revelation of just how tight the Bush admin & Fox are: Vester mentioned (in passing) that they'd have a report from former CPA "spokesman Dan Senor" who is now a "Fox News analyst".
[Comment: Check out Senor's bio (this one's much more ... er, complete ... than the one at the official White House site); note especially the AIPAC/neo-con links in his background. His prior experience in propaganda should serve him well at Fox.]

NOTE TO READERS: Please feel free to comment on FNL's coverage of the above topics -- the "boycott" of Black History Month", the Canseco allegations -- or on Dan Senor joining Fox News as an "analyst". O/T comments will be deleted. Please use the O/T category (see list at right) if you wish to discuss topics not included here.