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Michael Jackson - Top Dog on Studio B

Reported by Ellen - February 14, 2005 -

On a day when Lebanon's former leader was struck down with a massive bomb, the opening story on today's Studio B with Shepard Smith was, you guessed it, Michael Jackson.

But this time they got to spread some big names around. The defense has announced that it 'may' call such personalities as Kobe Bryant, Nick Carter from the Backstreet Boys and even Ed Bradley from 60 minutes.

A little later on in the segment they admitted that Fox even had someone who may appear on the defense's list -- Rita Cosby.

They did admit that Michael's fan base was shrinking. There were only about two dozen there today (probably much to Fox's chagrin).

Comment: Being that this is just now the questioning jurors stage to trim the 250 to 12 plus alternates, you would think that something more 'news related' could have been the 'top' story on Studio B. The bombing death of the former Lebanon Prime Minister came in at story number four.

Reported by: Donna