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Jeff Gannon. Has That Name Ever Been Uttered on Fox News?

Reported by Melanie - February 14, 2005

Reese Schoenfeld, a co-founder of CNN, was a guest today (February 14, 2005) on Your World w/Neil Cavuto. Clearly, Fox News wanted to telegraph the fact that Eason Jordan of CNN was forced to resign, although they did it coyly, as is typical for this particular Fox program. Cavuto's introduction was innocent and vague yet the messages at the bottom of the screen, when not showing Schoenfeld's name, were all about Eason Jordan, Eason Jordan, Eason Jordan.

Cavuto introduced Schoenfeld with this: "Does the media love to talk about itself? Media reporting on the media, from CBS's Dan Rather to CNN's Eason Jordan. Nobody seems safe. Is this a good thing or is the media just overdoing it?"

Schoenfeld proceeded to talk about how the media "love to eat [their] own." He said when we see a "defect" we "attack them, look at what happened to Bill O'Reilly." He said the media criticizes everybody and then people say "maybe those guys aren't so perfect themselves."

Cavuto asked, in his usual wide-eyed, little boy way, "Is it a legitimate story to report on a guy who might or might not have charged our troops with targeting journalists? Whether you're making that as a blanket statement or as the head of CNN, it's a pretty outrageous claim, right?" (Again, don't forget, tidbits about Eason Jordan were flashing at the bottom of the screen. Cavuto didn't actually have to say his name.)

Schoenfeld reminded Cavuto that Jordan was never the head of CNN. He said before there were bloggers, nothing would have happened to Jordan until there was proof of what he'd said, but nonetheless, "he's gone." CNN did it again - fired a guy like they did Arnett, without the goods."

Comment: Eason Jordan. Eason Jordan. Eason Jordan. I still haven't heard the words "Jeff Gannon" mentioned on Fox News. Ever. (In case you don't know about "Jeff Gannon" (a/k/a James Guckert), AmericaBlog has done extensive research on the story. Warning: some of what's on the AmericaBlog site is X-rated.) Given Cavuto's wide open introduction, it seems to me that a mention of "Jeff Gannon" easily belongs in this segment. In his opening sentence (above), Cavuto could have said "from Talon's Jeff Gannon to CNN's Eason Jordan," instead of saying "from CBS's Dan Rather to CNN's Eason Jordan." But no, in Foxland, only reporters from the CNN's and the CBS's - the "liberal media" - do bad things.

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