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Uncalled for sneering at Camilla by Brit

Reported by Chrish - February 11, 2005

On FNC's flagship news hour, FNC's premier journalist saw fit to make a remark disparaging the Prince of Wales' fiance's appearance. Brit Hume should apologize for the mean swipe at Camilla Parker Bowles on Special Report 2/10.

In the "all-stars" segment with Bill Sammons, Jeff Birnbaum, and Charles Krauthammer, the first discussion was the announced engagement of Prince Charles to his long-time love, his "consort" as the British say. Hume wondered what all the fuss was about. (Comment: I always love it when the media wonders why 'people' continue to talk about stories that the media perpetuates by wondering why 'people' are talking about the stories the media perpetuates...)

Bill Sammon, in an effort to explain, started to give a summary: "They're two people, in their late 50s, both are divorced, Charles' first wife obviously passed away, tragically, they're obviously apparently in love."

Brit interrupts with "By the way, if I was the guy from Mars (a reference to an earlier comment) who'd look at the pictures of her (Diana) and say 'Well that I can understand. But _this_ (CPB) might seem to an observer a little more difficult."

Sammons continued "Well they're evidently in love..." and they were childhood sweethearts, probably should have married long ago but it's nice they're getting a second chance to marry their true loves. Jeff Birnbaum spoke of 'our' fascination with tabloid stories and the voyeurism involved, the romance...

Krauthammer had his usual superior take on it all, finding himself amused by all the interest and saying there is no less consequential job on the planet than being Prince of Wales. (Meeoooow!) He waits 60 years for is Mum to die so he can continue his inane activities with a crown on his head. (Comment: I think CK would slobber all over himself given the chance to mingle with royalty!)

There's more conversation about royalty, building up in order to tear down, and Brit's account of his coverage of Princess Diana's funeral. He summed up saying that whatever the cost of maintaining the royals, it's got to be worth it for the entertainment value. Charles shared that his column about the funeral was titled "The Emptiest Event of the Century" and he lost a lot of readers over it.
Man, that is cold. There was a little more conversation and then Brit cut it off to say "Let me ask you the question inquiring minds want to know. (Krauthammer has a huge grin on his face, Birnbaum is smiling.)
We can understand Diana, beautiful young woman, blue blood...I suppose this Miss Bowles is too...but, what's the deal with that? What's the deal with her? Why her?"

JB "There's no accounting for taste. Love is blind.. I mean, I like Charles."

CK "She had an empty head, this new one does not."

BS "I agree with Jeff, love is blind."

Ironically, the segment was ended there by Brit saying to the camera "When we come back with our panel, what's the definition of a journalist?"

Comment: I just found this whole segment appalling - that the engagement was the topic of a roundtable at all, and certainly the way in which Brit Hume was so unnecessarily insulting to Ms. Bowles. Bill Sammons came across as a decent person, Birnbaum was having some fun with it but not mean, Krauthammer was his usual elitist self, but Brit was horrible. And this is the best journalist on the most important show?

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