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Fox's Hot Button Words

Reported by Melanie - February 11, 2005

Fox reporter Megyn Kendall used some "interesting" words and phrases today (February 11, 2005) during Dayside w/Linda Vester in a report from Washington, D.C. on the winter meeting of the Democratic National Committee.

Kendall said that a "treasure trove" of Democrats are at the meeting. She said Howard Dean is expected to be voted head of the DNC tomorrow. She said "some" question whether Dean, perceived "by many" as a "liberal New Englander" can rally support from "centrist Democrats." Kendall said "some fear" his "anti-war and secularist positions could alienate some red-state voters" who Dean will be charged with winning over.

She said "Dean is already on the offensive." (Cut to video of Dean, in the middle of a speech, saying, "...the total inability to manage money in any responsible way. Republicans create deficits, Democrats don't. That's been the fact for the last 40 years in American politics.")

Kendall said outgoing chair Terry McAuliffe, "donning the Democrats' signature blue today" (video of McAuliffe wearing a blue suit), was in the midst of "a lot of back patting going on here." "Also on hand," Kendall said, was "John Edwards. He worked the room like a Hollywood movie star." Kendall said former President Clinton spoke Thursday saying Democrats can regain control with a "clear vision, good tactics and the will to fight like the devil."

In closing, and, I think to soften her report, Kendall said John Edwards said his wife is doing very well.

Comment: Though Howard Dean is actually quite moderate, Fox will most likely continue (forever) to preface its remarks about him with words like "liberal New Englander," "anti-war" (implying that Dean is against all war as opposed to the Iraq war) or "secularist" (a word which I think has come to imply that one is an athiest).

As for Dean being "on the offensive," Democrats are always on the offensive, forever crawling out from under their they-are-losers rock, according to Fox News. And poor Terry McAuliffe. Do you suppose he'd say that he purposely chose a blue suit today for its blue state symbolism? And finally, after all Fox did to paint Hollywood as a dark den of drugs, sex and unpatriotic, hedonistic liberalism in the run-up to the November election, tossing in a Hollywood reference when referring to John Edwards was a message heard loud and clear by regular Fox viewers.

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