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Fear, Nukes, Sports, Sex and a Little Business

Reported by Melanie - February 11, 2005

This is what happened today (February 11, 2005) on "the most popular business show on the planet," Your World w/Neil Cavuto.

Some of Bush's poll numbers on Iraq and the Iraq war are sagging fairly substantially. For example, a Fox News/Opinion Dynamics poll released yesterday showed:

Sharp divisions remain on the question of whether going to war with Iraq was the right thing for the United States to do. Today 46 percent think the action was the right thing to do, down from 50 percent in June 2004, and 49 percent now say it was wrong, up from 42 percent.

Therefore, I thought it was interesting that Cavuto led with three segments about Sarin gas and fear today. Bush's poll numbers go up when he is painted as our protector-father-terror-fighter, fending off people who are out to get us, so what better way to help shore-up his numbers than to remind people that they still need to be afraid? To that end, and despite all the proof that Saddam had no ability to cause us harm, Fox still equates the Iraq war with the "war on terror." As a matter of fact, frequently when Fox goes to a report about Iraq, they show a full screen graphic saying "War on Terror" before cutting to the report.

The first segment today was a report that Saddam Hussein was developing poison gases, including Sarin, and that he might have planned to put gas into perfume bottles (perfume bottle-like containers were found in Iraq), place the perfume bottles in stores, and have people drop dead when they squirted themselves with a test squirt. During this report, video of an average American department store perfume aisle was shown as was the inside of Madison Square Garden during the RNC convention (to illustrate how many people might be killed.)

The next segment was a doctor who talked about how quickly a person dies when exposed to certain biological weapons, and the third segment was Miami's police chief on what's being done to "keep us safe."

That was the first ten minutes of the show. Some of the propaganda being out of the way, the show proceeded thusly:

- News break.

More propaganda:

- Fox military analyst on how to handle the North Korea issue (send nukes to Japan and South Korea).

To the "business" part (notice how little actual "business" there is here):

- Fox Stox, a 90-second segment during which Cavuto highlights several individual stocks.
- A sports writer who talked about the National Hockey League strike.
- A guest who talked about Carly Fiorina who just resigned as CEO of Hewlett-Packard.
- "Biz Blast." A two minute segment of news about what corporations are up to.
- A Comcast executive to talk about "Dating on Demand" (or DOD), a new Comcast channel.
- "Some of the most brilliant Fox female stars" (Martha MacCallum, Brenda Buttner, Degan McDowell and Jamie Colby) who gave advice on how men should handle Valentine's Day.
- Mail.

Back to more propaganda:

- The "Common Sense" segment. Today Cavuto asked why congresspeople have such a good retirement plan while we mere mortals must rely on the broken down Social Security system.

Comment: I have written much about how little this show has to do with "business." I hope this outline helps illustrate that. The title of this show is a foil. This show is as much about promoting the Bush agenda as any other Fox News show.

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